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According to Broward DUI lawyer WR Moore Criminal Defense, a Georgia woman at a court appearance for her DUI charge got herself into more hot water at the courtroom door. She was charged with DUI stemming from an incident last September in the town of Milton, when local law enforcement officers found the woman’s car parked in the middle of a street. She was outside of the car and was so intoxicated that she could not figure out how to get back in. At that time, the woman’s blood alcohol concentration was measured at a whopping 0.34 percent, more than four times the legal driving limit.
Last week, the woman, who is 28 years old, was cited for contempt of court and taken into custody to serve two days in jail. Her offense was showing up to court after drinking. During a routine weapons check, the court bailiff detected the odor of alcohol on her breath. She will have to appear again on the DUI charge in about two months. Fort Lauderdale DUI attorney WR Moore Criminal Defense is not surprised that showing up to court smelling of alcohol did not impress Municipal Court Judge Barry Zimmerman.
Last year, a well-known Major League Baseball player was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol in his home state of Nebraska. Joba Chamberlain, who is a pitcher for the New York Yankees, was notably friendly with the state trooper who pulled him over. However, even in his apparently intoxicated state, Chamberlain could not resist poking some fun at New Yorkers.
Chamberlain, who is 23, joked with the law enforcement officer about New Yorkers’ bad manners. He told the officer that “opening a door and saying please and thank you” were not behaviors New Yorkers regularly engage in. He also told the officer that if a driver cuts off someone else in New York, “they might hit you,” whereas Nebraskans would be much more polite in a similar situation. Chamberlain is originally from Lincoln, Nebraska. Still, his joking demeanor did not get him any slack, and he was arrested for DUI. He pleaded guilty to the charge last week, which will result in the loss of his driving privileges for 60 days and serving nine months of probation.
A video of Chamberlain’s traffic stop is available below:

Broward DUI lawyer WR Moore Criminal Defense encourages professional athletes and others to be careful after consuming alcohol. Unfortunately, a number of famous athletes have been in the news lately for their DUI arrests. Donté Stallworth was even involved in an accident that resulted in a pedestrian’s death in Miami Beach.

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