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Child Pornography

Posted on : March 19, 2015
Category : Sex Offenses
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Fort Lauderdale Felony Defense Lawyer William Moore lectures on the difference between images depicting child pornography and child erotica. Classification of sex offenses is also discussed. Sex crimes in Florida which have a classification of being a first-degree felony are mentioned with respect to mandatory prison sentences such as in criminal possession of child pornography cases resulting in conviction. The sentencing judge in that case would lawfully be able to render a 30 year Florida State prison sentence for a single count. Major felony crime defense lawyer William Moore also illustrates how possession of child erotica on the other hand poses no threat to liberty as it is legal to possess although potentially frowned upon. Defense attorney Moore explains how the legality of child erotica results in confusion to individuals who claim to be uncertain as to whether or not the materials that they possess are in violation of Florida criminal statutes. Criminal defense attorney William Moore has been defending major felony crimes in Broward County for almost 20 years. His law firm maintains several offices in the downtown Fort Lauderdale area for your convenience. by William Moore Broward County Office William Moore Criminal Defense Attorneys: 1 Financial Plaza #2500 Fort Lauderdale FL 33394 (954) 523-5333 Fort Lauderdale Office William Moore Criminal Defense Attorneys: 721 SE 13th St Fort Lauderdale FL 33316 (954) 656-6229 Fort Lauderdale Office