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Criminal Court Witness

Posted on : March 27, 2015
Posted by : Alexandria Rae
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Witnesses in the criminal court case are obviously the leading source of evidence used to convict a defendant to a criminal action. Likewise, witnesses for the defense are most often the most powerful means to establish reasonable doubt.

While in defendant has an absolute right to be free from having to prove their innocence to the presentation of any evidence, potential witnesses must always be thoroughly explored by defense counsel. As with all witnesses, issues relating to credibility or lack thereof must be weighed heavily when evaluating their use in a defense strategy.

The preparation of witnesses for both sides, prosecution and defense is absolutely permissible under the rules provided they are not being  coached to change their testimony in an effort to gain advantage.

Attorney William R. Moore has prepared thousands of defense witnesses in anticipation of testifying at trial. If you are party to a criminal action and wish to know your rights and obligations you may obtain further information by either emailing or calling our office.

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