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Criminal Sentencing Video

Posted on : March 27, 2015
Posted by : Alexandria Rae
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The sentencing phase in a criminal action is often overlooked as being one of the most important aspects of strategic representation. The sentencing of a defendant most often follows an open plea to the court that is not negotiated. Meaning the defendant is not granted any certainty as to the punishment to be rendered in exchange for the plea.

Criminal sentencing also follows a defendants being found guilty at trial.

In either case, sufficient time and effort should always be devoted to formulating the manner in which evidence will be presented by the defense when seeking the lowest permissible sentence allowed by law. Mitigation in the form of appropriate witnesses and expert testimony where available is key.

Attorney William Moore has handled thousands of sentencing hearings in Fort Lauderdale Florida. Any questions in this regard are welcome by contacting our Broward County office.

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