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DUI Manslaughter with No Criminal Intent

Posted on : March 20, 2015
Posted by : Alexandria Rae
Category : DUIFelonyIntoxilyzerManslaughter
Embed CodeIframeReport Video Broward County Criminal Attorney William Moore argues that culpability in DUI cases involving serious injury or death is most often illogical in addition to also being a hot subject for debate. Social pressures coupled with emotional triggers result in our inability as people to accurately assess criminal intent. Take for instance a scenario of two people leaving a bar and driving home. one is both a repeat DUI offender and significantly impaired with a blood alcohol level of a .22. The other individual is not impaired does have a blood alcohol level of a .08 - Each drives home. Each is cited and charged with appropriate levels of DUI by the State Attorney\'s Office. Veteran Criminal Lawyer William Moore, poses a question causing us to reconsider if our deeply rooted feelings about DUI as a society results in unfair opinions and stigmatizing the truly less culpable of the two. Where the less culpable of two men walk out of a bar and drive to their respective homes, it would seem to reason that those levels should remain unchanged if no criminal intent is formed and acted upon by either of the two as they drive home. Wouldn\'t this be the case even in the event of an accidental homicide asks William Moore, Attorney in Broward County, Fl. by William Moore William Moore Criminal Defense Attorneys: 1 Financial Plaza #2500 Fort Lauderdale FL 33394 - (954) 523-5333,,,