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Asleep in Car DUI

Posted on : March 20, 2015
Category : DUI
Embed CodeIframeReport Video If you find yourself behind the wheel of an automobile only to realize that you have had too much to drink and that your normal faculties are impaired, you may be tempted to pull over onto the side of the road and sleep it off. William Moore, a criminal defense attorney in Fort Lauderdale cautions against sleeping off the effects of alcohol even in the passenger seat of a car. Florida criminal law criminalizing the operating of a motor vehicle while impaired by drugs or alcohol allow for the prosecution of drunk driving offenses even where the defendant was not driving a vehicle or even conscious in many circumstances. The best cause of action under these circumstances would be to contact a friend or colleague to pick you up or by simply calling a Taxi. In this video segment,Attorney Moore explains the danger in sleeping off alcohol impairment while remaining in a vehicle. by William Moore Broward County Office William Moore Criminal Defense Attorneys: 1 Financial Plaza #2500 Fort Lauderdale FL 33394 (954) 523-5333 Fort Lauderdale Office William Moore Criminal Defense Attorneys: 721 SE 13th St Fort Lauderdale FL 33316 (954) 656-6229 Fort Lauderdale Office