Criminal penalties for car accident resulting in death

Car Accidents Involving Death

Those of us who have been fortunate enough to have been born and raised in the United States of America are often criticized as being over indulgent while doing very little if anything in return.

When it comes to state laws, the overall do-nothing feel still lingers. Specifically, Americans are not accustomed to laws that criminalize inaction, meaning that the failure to act or to carry out a duty imposed by law will result in the taking of your liberty  via incarceration.

We simply aren’t required to do anything in 99% of all cases.

Auto Accidents Resulting in Death

When it comes to traffic accidents, however, Florida criminal law imposes an affirmative obligation on all drivers who are involved in a traffic accident which results in death that far exceeds a mere exchanging of information.

Criminal defense attorney William Moore lectures on the irrelevance of fault with respect to this state made law which appears to have little in the way of roots to our common-law. attorney Moore also warns that in the unlikely situation whereby you are involved in an automobile accident resulting in a fatality remember the following things:

William R Moore Criminal Attorney

Stop your car immediately and turn off the ignition.

Be prepared to share all contact information including driver license. registration, address name and telephone number.

Finally,  provide immediate assistance and or aid to injured persons. Alternatively, provide transportation to individuals involved  upon request or if it appears that any of said individuals are in need.

Failure to abide by the aforementioned affirmative obligations will result in criminal prosecution should set acts occur within the state of Florida.