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DUI Lawyer William Moore began his career as a prosecutor at the State Attorney’s Office in 1998. As an Assistant State Attorney, Mr. Moore was a senior trial attorney responsible for handling thousands of criminal cases. He has lectured and assisted other lawyers and police officers on a variety of issues concerning jury selection, cross examination, motion practice, and search and seizure. While an Assistant State Attorney, Mr. Moore was promoted to the position of lead prosecutor in the felony trial division where he tried cases ranging from Possession of Cocaine to Attempted Murder. As a lead felony prosecutor, he was also responsible for supervising and assisting three other Assistant State Attorneys that worked under him.

William Moore Criminal Defense Lawyers have been defending Driving Under the Influence in Fort Lauderdale, Florida since the mid 1990s. More information can be found at Fort Lauderdale DUI Lawyers of William Moore Criminal Defense. 

After leaving the State Attorney’s Office, Mr. Moore decided to put his knowledge and experience to work defending those charged with criminal offenses. As a defense attorney, Mr. Moore became a member of Florida Association of Criminal Defense Attorney’s, Federal Bar, and the National College for DUI Defense. He has had the privilege of defending criminal cases in nearly every county in the State of Florida from the Florida Keys to the Florida Panhandle. Some of his past clients include police officers, firefighters, doctors, lawyers, public figures, and members of the United States Armed Forces that were charged with criminal offenses. Mr. Moore has conducted over 150 jury trials in his career and has argued countless Motions to Suppress and Dismiss. He graduated cum laude from Florida State University in 1995 with a degree in criminal justice and communications and received his law degree from Nova Southeastern University in 1998. He is a member in good standing with the Florida Bar and Federal Bar.


At the William Moore Criminal Defense law firm, we defend clients accused of drunk driving and related offenses throughout South Florida and maintain offices in Fort Lauderdale. Our law firm constantly strives to improve upon the art of DUI defense. This website, together with the various magazines published by our office, are designed to better inform individuals charged with DUI by the Florida State Attorney’s office. Throughout this site’s pages you will find information on everything from general criminal defense techniques, driving under the influence, court procedures, and the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles and its administrative process. To get the basics visit our section titled DUI/Drunk Driving.

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A DUI is not a mere traffic ticket, but rather a serious offense that can have lifelong effects on your future employment or education goals. A conviction for DUI can have devastating effects on your insurance and privilege to drive. Remember, an arrest for DUI in no way amounts to a conviction. The Florida State Attorney’s office is charged with the great burden of proving the allegations beyond and to the exclusion of any and all doubt. Our defense lawyers have been attacking mistakes made by police officers in DUI arrests for over 16 years and posts successful cases on the internet every few months so that they may be reviewed by potential clients.

Mistakes made by police officers during the investigative process of a DUI can be devastating to the prosecutor’s case in chief according to Fort Lauderdale criminal lawyer Moore. Most often this is the result of an illegal stop of an individual’s automobile, excessive force, and/or the length of and reason for a stop. It is important to remember that a police officer must have probable cause before an arrest is made and that failure to follow strict guidelines leading up to and following that arrest may result in an outright dismissal of your case.

A failure to give Miranda warnings as well as implied consent warnings may also seriously damage a case pending against a DUI defendant. Sobriety checkpoints have been a big topic of debate, and the strict guidelines imposed on law enforcement to conduct such roadblocks are so stringent that very few DUI convictions are obtained as a result.

William Moore Criminal Defense Lawyers have been defending Driving Under the Influence in Fort Lauderdale, Florida since the mid 1990s.