Avoid Being Harassed by Police Officers

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One of the things commonly heard by criminal defense attorneys in Broward County is that police officers harass motorists when they’re pulled over. Many times, an unwanted attitude by Broward Sheriff’s deputies may be avoided by following a few simple rules.

Police officers vary in skill

First of all, all law enforcement officers are different. Some are better than others when it comes to citizen contact. Try to keep in mind that regardless of the skill of any police officer, they are people just like everybody else subject to moods that can fluctuate depending on nothing more than the type of day they are having. Sometimes, this in conjunction with the dangerous nature of the job may cause the average person to feel that they are being treated with disrespect.

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Strengthen Defense by Separating Criminal Jury Trials

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A few years ago Florida enacted a statute that made it a crime for a defendant to refuse providing a breath sample in a DUI investigation where it can be proven that he or she had refused in the past. The second refusal charge regularly accompanies an underlying impaired driving charge and can be described as a common filing practice by Broward County State Attorneys. Second refusal charges are always filed under the same action as the DUI.

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Affect of Prior Criminal History

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Criminal NCIC Reports are Used by Prosecutors to Determine a Defendant’s Criminal History.

Prior arrests and convictions for criminal offenses can come into play in a variety of ways from a defense standpoint according to William Moore, a Criminal Attorney in Broward County. Issues such as bond amount, credibility and criminal offense enhancement need to be considered when evaluating arrests and conviction history of a client.

The thing to remember is that arrests and convictions are viewed differently by the Florida court system depending on which aspect of the litigation you are dealing with, just as classification of misdemeanor or felony are.

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Why do criminal lawyers advise against talking to police?

As a rule, criminal lawyers insist that their clients refuse discussing anything with detectives investigating a crime.

Criminal Lawyers Never Advise Clients to Speak with Police About a Criminal Investigation

Often it is not made clear to an individual that they are a suspect in a criminal investigation. Furthermore, the likelihood that something may be taken out of context is prevalent during the interviewing of an unrepresented witness or suspect. Criminal defense attorneys can quickly learn the status of their client before any questioning is undertaken by way of demanding immunity for the individual that they represent prior to questioning.

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