Changes to Florida Cyber-Bullying Laws

Our Criminal Lawyers in Fort Lauderdale have been actively involved in both litigating and reporting on bullying cases in South Florida. This has been quite a serious topic following the tragic suicide of Rebecca Sedwick, a victim of cyber bullying and bullying in her school, Florida lawmakers are planning to make bullying and Cyber-Bullying in Broward County a criminal offense.

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New Cyberstalking Laws in Florida

Broward cyber crimes lawyers

In Florida, the cyberstalking laws have been formulated under the aegis of traditional stalking statutes. Under this law, stalking refers to repeated threatening or harassing behavior that causes emotional distress, discomfort, pain, or fear in the person being subjected to such behavior. The standard restraining order has also been expanded to restrict this type of … Read more New Cyberstalking Laws in Florida