Domestic Violence Linked in with Cyberstalking

Domestic Violence lawyer William R. Moore

Domestic violence is a considered severe crime in Florida and the state has allowed for a petitioner to seek an immediate restraining order against the alleged offender for the protection of domestic violence victims.

However, Broward County domestic violence lawyers argue that this remedy is often used as a tool by individuals illegally in order to manipulate the criminal justice system and use it as a weapon. Originally the basis for the filing of a restraining order was:
1. For domestic violence
2. For repeat violence, which is issued when the parties are not “family, or household members
3. For sexual violence

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New Cyberstalking Laws in Florida

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In Florida, the cyberstalking laws have been formulated under the aegis of traditional stalking statutes. Under this law, stalking refers to repeated threatening or harassing behavior that causes emotional distress, discomfort, pain, or fear in the person being subjected to such behavior. The standard restraining order has also been expanded to restrict this type of … Read more New Cyberstalking Laws in Florida

Warning of Uncertainty in the Cyberbullying Laws

Fort Lauderdale based cyberstalking defense attorney warns that Florida cyberbullying laws legislation is quite comprehensive, certain uncertainties have been noted by cyberharassment lawyers and some commentators. For instance, the cyberbullying laws do not state the course of action or the consequences in instances where electronic data and/or software programs have been accessed away from the campus to create an environment of hostility or animosity within the premises of the educational institution.

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Broward County stalking defense lawyer William R. Moore

Broward County criminal attorney is asked “is the crime of stalking a felony in Florida?” As a Broward County criminal defense attorney, I am often asked about Broward County criminal charges stemming from stalking. Rest assured that these charges are not to be taken lightly as they can result in severe criminal sanctions. Conduct which … Read more Stalking