DUI smartphone apps for drinking and driving checkpoints

DUI Smartphone Apps

According to Broward DUI Lawyer William Moore, technology, especially with regard to smartphone devices, is rapidly changing every part of our daily lives — including DUI enforcement. There are reportedly multiple applications available through the Apple store for download onto the iPhone that assist a user in avoiding police speed traps as well as DUI […]

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DUI Checkpoints Ramped Up Over Fourth of July Weekend

Law enforcement agencies throughout Broward, Fort Lauderdale, and Fort Lauderdale-Dade Counties are expected to increase drunk driving patrols this weekend, says Broward DUI Defense Attorneys at William Moore Criminal Defense. This is typical of any major holiday celebration, as police officers often put up sobriety checkpoints throughout the areas on Labor Day, Memorial Day, and […]

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DUI Checkpoints – How They Work

Fort Lauderdale DUI attorney William Moore is very knowledgeable about sobriety checkpoints, which are also known as DUI checkpoints. DUI checkpoints are roadblocks that law enforcement officials set up on public roads, usually on weekend nights or on holidays. New Year’s Eve is especially popular, due to the large number of people celebrating the holiday […]

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DUI Checkpoints in Florida

During the holiday season, the police in Broward County often set up DUI checkpoints, according to our Fort Lauderdale DUI lawyer. Checkpoints screen for intoxicated drivers in the south Florida area, because local police tend to report more DUI arrests associated with Christmas and New Year’s revelry. Ostensibly, a roadblock is established to protect the […]

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Seminole County’s recent sobriety checkpoint yielded arrests for very few drunk drivers, however, generated almost 100 tickets for various driving infractions along with an arrest of an individual for carrying a concealed weapon. The Florida Highway Patrol still maintains that these checkpoints are necessary to keep Florida roadways safe despite the fact that they consistently […]

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AUTOMOBILE CHECKPOINTS: Unconstitutional but good for writing tickets…

Our DUI Lawyers in Broward County have helped thousands. The constitutionality of automobile checkpoints has been challenged consistently since their implementation, yet upheld by the United States Supreme Court which has set a “so-called” stringent set of guidelines before they are considered free from violating our constitutional rights. Once such guideline is an officer’s inability […]

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