Palm Beach Criminal Lawyer — Univision Star Arrested on Child Pornography Charges

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Adonis Losada is a 45-year-old actor who is most well-known in the Latino community for his role on a popular Spanish language show that airs on Univision. Sábado Gigante is the show in which Losada assumes the role of an older female, Fort Lauderdale criminal lawyer Moore has learned.
According to police, Losada entered a chat room for older men who are interested in viewing child pornography, in this case, images of pre-pubescent children, and having sex with underage children. A law enforcement agency was conducting a sting. A Boynton Beach police officer began chatting with Losada, who discussed pornographic images of children with the police officer, officials say.
At some point, Losada allegedly sent the police officer an image of a child engaged in a sex act, says Fort Lauderdale criminal lawyer Moore. Eventually, Losada’s residences were searched. Losada is being held in lieu of a $3 million bond and is now facing 30 counts of child pornography charges. The State Attorney’s Office has described the photos as “extremely graphic.” They allegedly involve images of children in sex acts or sexual situations, Fort Lauderdale criminal lawyer Moore says. According to prosecutors, some images involve children as young as two years of age, and at least one has been described as an explicit photo of a child no older than ten engaged in a sex act with an adult male.
Univision has suspended Losada from his duties at this point and that they are awaiting the outcome of the investigation. Additionally, law enforcement authorities are pursuing an investigation in California on the basis that Losada has or may have possession of pornographic images of children in his home on the west coast. When law enforcement officers searched Losada’s house in Fort Lauderdale Beach, they recovered a number of such images of children, according to documents filed in court in relation to the criminal case now pending against him. The documents also allege that Losada made incriminating statements: he reportedly told police that he is aware that he has an issue related to his interest in children.

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15-Year-Old Arrested for Robbery

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Police have arrested a 15-year-old boy on suspicion of robbing a couple at gunpoint in Riviera Beach, Broward criminal lawyer William Moore has learned. Law enforcement officials believe Robert Lamont Felder was the gunman in an attack on a young couple in the early hours of the morning on Sunday, May 31. Felder has been charged with burglary and two counts each of kidnapping and armed robbery while wearing a mask. Because he is being charged as an adult, Felder is being held at the Broward County Jail, says Fort Lauderdale criminal attorney Moore.
Felder appeared in criminal court on Wednesday morning, but the judge rescheduled his bond hearing because Felder’s parents were not present in the courtroom. Law enforcement officials believe that he and an accomplice robbed an 18-year-old man and his girlfriend at gunpoint at about 3:15 in the morning.
The victims told police that they had parked their car in an alley off of Avenue S when their vehicle was approached by two men. One of the men had a t-shirt wrapped around his face to conceal his identity. He hit the male victim on the head with his gun, demanding the man’s money. The victim did not have any money, which angered his assailant, who then demanded their jewelry and cell phones. The two men then got into the backseat of the vehicle where they demanded, at gunpoint, that the male victim drive them to an ATM so that he could withdraw cash for them. He did so, eventually obtaining $600 in Lake Park, which he gave to his attackers.
After obtaining the money, the robbers made the victims drive them back to Avenue S, where they escaped with the female’s purse. Her uncle came out to the alley and tried to chase the attackers as they fled, but stopped when she warned him that they were armed with a gun. A family member suggested that Felder, a classmate of hers, might be one of the culprits when the couple described his crossed eyes. The victims later selected his picture from a photo lineup.

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Former County Commissioner on Her Life in Jail

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Former Broward County Commissioner Mary McCarty was sentenced by a federal judge in Broward to 42 months in prison last week. She reportedly cried during her sentencing hearing and accepted full responsibility for her actions. “My carelessness and irresponsibility have humiliated and humbled me. I never thought of myself as a criminal, but I am,” McCarty told the court.
McCarty, who is 54, was taken into custody immediately and is currently being held at the Broward County Stockade. She is expected to be transferred to Fort Lauderdale in the coming weeks. Currently, McCarty is in solitary confinement at the jail, which may be for her own protection, according to Fort Lauderdale criminal attorney William Moore.
The former commissioner pleaded guilty to conspiring to commit mail fraud, Fort Lauderdale criminal lawyer Moore has learned. In her official capacity, she committed white collar crimes to obtain money for herself and her husband. She accepted money in the form of graft and bribes from businesses and individuals. McCarty also engaged in fraudulent transactions involving local bonds.
According to her plea agreement, McCarty admitted that she did not inform the County Commission of her financial conflicts of interest regarding various matters. Instead, she participated fully, and apparently sought results which were financially beneficial to her. In her required financial disclosures, McCarty filed false or incomplete forms in an effort to hide her financial interests in the matters before the Commission.
McCarty’s husband, Lawrence McCarty, was sentenced to eight months in jail and ordered to pay a fine of $5,000 for his role in the crimes committed by Mary McCarty.
From the stockade, Mary McCarty is still emailing her supporters, through her sister. She reported that the guards are “professional but kind” and that it is “very cold” in her “frozen cell.” McCarty also lamented that she is missing her 29th wedding anniversary with her husband. She also described the food as particularly bad, noting that she has been losing weight since she was taken into custody, and that she spends her one hour outside of her cell every day making collect phone calls to her family members.

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West Palm Beach Criminal Defense Lawyer: Identity Theft and the Age of Technology

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Broward criminal attorney William Moore knows that theft cases are not always clear-cut. Whether the alleged crime is a simple shoplifting incident, an armed robbery, burglary of an occupied dwelling, dealing in stolen property, or some sort of kleptomaniac rampage, he is prepared to provide reasoned legal counsel for every case. Although ten or fifteen years ago credit card fraud was not unheard of, it has increased significantly in the past few years. In particular, identity theft has spiked, and businesses and consumers have continued to look for new measures to guard against identity theft, as well as solutions for those who fall victim to it. Fort Lauderdale criminal lawyer Moore believes that people who commit identity theft have a myriad of reasons for doing so, depending on the particular person. While some may be motivated by simple greed, and may even launch an entire identity theft and credit card fraud operation, others may simply be unable to afford items that they want or need during a recession, and give into their impulses.
Identity theft has only been a federal crime since 1998, which speaks to the new nature of the problem. Congress decided to act after a man, who was already a felon, stole the name and personal data of another individual. The felon racked up in excess of $100,000 of debt from credit cards in the name of his victim, even securing a mortgage through the FHA program insured by the federal government and purchasing guns and vehicles. Later, the felon filed for bankruptcy in the name of the victim, an act that can destroy a person’s credit for years. The felon even made telephone calls to the victim to harass him. Although the victim and his family were forced to spend thousands of dollars and several years attempting to rectify the situation, they were never awarded restitution. Instead, the felon was convicted of making a false statement to procure a firearm and no other charges. Under the new federal legislation, he would almost certainly face tougher penalties.
Broward criminal lawyer Moore notes that identity theft can begin in many ways: some email users, for example, respond to “phishing” emails, which are bogus messages purporting to be from a financial institution or other trusted business. A link in the email takes the user to a website that looks very similar to the site of the business the user knows. There, the fake website will request personal identifying information from the user. Other culprits can include “preapproved” credit card solicitations, which a criminal rummaging through the trash could locate and take upon himself to activate. If he arranges for the bills to be sent to a different address than the victim’s home, the victim may not become aware of the existence of the account until it is already in default or has been sent to a collections company.

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Palm Beach Criminal Lawyer – Burglary Suspects Caught on Webcam

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Tony and Jeanne Thomas live in Boynton Beach, in southern Broward County. The couple’s home was burglarized several times last year, beginning in October. The burglars took expensive valuables, like jewelry and a collection of rare coins. Smaller things disappeared, too, on other occasions. The couple’s crockpot and ice cream maker were stolen. Frustrated, the Thomases had no idea who could be stealing the items from their home. Fort Lauderdale criminal lawyer William Moore says home burglaries may increase during economic tough times, as people scramble for cash or have too much free time due to unemployment.
With the problem growing more frightening, Jeanne Thomas purchased a surveillance system that allowed her to view the video in her home from a third location. She installed the $250 monitoring system over her husband’s protests that she would never find anything with it. Jeanne did not find anything interesting at first, discovering only that the dogs played on the couches while she was at work. After awhile, she stopped watching the surveillance.
Thomas, who works at Keiser University in Fort Lauderdale, had a bad feeling one morning this week. She logged onto the surveillance system online to get a look inside her home. ”It was the strangest feeling. I had a feeling something wasn’t right. When I went on, I saw a person standing in my house,” Thomas said.
Thomas dialed 911 as soon as she saw the images. She kept watching as she talked to the operator while 18 Boynton Beach police officers surrounded the home. The family pets were upset, she told the operator. Thomas watched the burglars take valuable items from her home, including a flat-screen television and a video game system.
Boynton Beach police arrested the two suspects who were inside the home. Altogether, there were four suspects eventually arrested. The young men who were arrested are Curtis Williams, 20; Steven Morales, 19; Scott George, 20; and Jonathan Cruz, 20. The Thomases knew Cruz prior to the incident. Jeanne Thomas said that her husband even gave Cruz rides when he was a child. The Thomases were friendly with him and said it had never occurred to them that Cruz would have been involved in burglarizing their home.
All of the suspects confessed to their involvement in the burglary. Fort Lauderdale criminal attorney Moore says would-be burglars might do well to follow the advice of Jeanne Thomas: be careful, because “[y]ou never know who is watching you.”

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