Shoplifting and Addiction

In the past shoplifting addictions were associated with women however more recently shoplifting addictions have been associated with men as well as women. Approximately 1 in 11 Americans has shoplifted merchandise. According to recent statistics suggest that there are more than 25 million shoplifters in the US. Most commonly individuals will steal from retail stores such […]

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Broward county elderly theft defense

Elderly Shoplifting

Elderly shoplifting is much more common then one would think. In fact according to recently reports this past decade crime among the elderly is on the rise. “Senior citizens committing non-violent crimes offenses like shoplifting is much more of a complex case then adults or children charged with petit-theft”- Shoplifting Attorney William Moore At first most […]

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Broward County theft attorney William R. Moore

Can I be charged with a felony if I was arrested for theft valuing over $300?

According to Broward Criminal Defense Lawyer William Moore, Under Florida law, theft is a property crime where one person intentionally deprives the owner of the possession and use of their property either temporarily or permanently. Florida distinguishes between petit theft and grand theft by assessing the value of the property taken. When something worth $300 or […]

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