need an attorney after being arrested in Fort Lauderdale

Rapper Trick Daddy Arrested in Broward County for Possession of Firearm and Possession of Cocaine

The South Florida rapper Trick Daddy has chosen to maintain a low profile since we last reported on his arrest occurring in Broward County.  The arrest was carried out by the Broward County Drug Task Force which is a specialized unit. See article in Time Magazine According to Criminal Defense Lawyer William Moore, Broward Sheriff’s deputies had […]

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The Broward County Crime Lab: 20 Years in Review (Part 1)

Recently, the Broward County Crime Lab came under fire following allegations of missing drugs. See latest article in the Sun Sentinel According to William Moore, a criminal drug possession attorney practicing in Broward,  an investigation lasting several months resulted in the resignation of the less technical analyst and manager. James Ongley and Randy Hilliard  told reporters […]

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Arrested in Fort Lauderdale | William R. Moore Criminal Defense Lawyer

Detective Divisions

Criminal Detective Hierarchy within the Broward Sheriff’s Office The Broward County Sheriff’s Office, like most jurisdictions, has different divisions for detectives. These higher-ranking police officers receive specialized training and experience in investigating the particular crime types that they are charged with investigating in their jurisdiction.

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