Murder, Arson and Burglaries this week in Broward County

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I am attorney William R. Moore and this week in Broward County crime news we saw violent crime along with the typical theft cases specific to burglary in our community. First up according to the Broward County Sun Sentinel we have a sad story involving a woman who was beaten to death and then left … Read more Murder, Arson and Burglaries this week in Broward County

Fort Lauderdale Makes it a Crime to Give Food to the Homeless and Hungry. Extremist Group “Anonymous” Responds

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Local criminal defense attorneys were among the first to report that Fort Lauderdale’s official website was inaccessible today beginning sometime in the early afternoon. Individuals working in the Broward County criminal justice system rely heavily on all of the county websites for information. 

It really wasn’t that big of a deal claims Lawyer William Moore. South Florida  government websites are routinely down for one reason or another. The information that they provide is available through numerous channels. Apparently, it was an inconvenience to some according to NBC News, however. 

See Article in Sun-Sentinel Newspaper

The political activist group who refers to themselves as “Anonymous” took responsibility for intentionally overloading the servers which hosts the city’s website. Recent negative publicity focused on Fort Lauderdale’s inhumane treatment of the homeless motivated an overwhelming number of individuals to respond to requests by “Anonymous” to log on and flood the hosting server. Many of those who responded did not necessarily support the activist group’s previous causes or extremist behavior, per se, in as much as they entirely failed to understand or accept a city that makes it a crime to provide a home cooked meal to hungry people in need. 

Out of everything that has happened in this town with respect to government over the last few years, nothing has shocked or even frightened me as much as this claims Michelle Demasters, a life long Broward County resident. How can this possibly be considered legal in this country?

Actions are not Criminal

According to Attorney Moore, it’s not. Many years ago, laws the prohibited begging were found unconstitutional. They violated free speech. Additionally, laws criminalizing homelessness, are just plain wrong. Nothing feels right or good about how we are behaving as a community. Not when there is such action by lawmakers and policing powers as to think for a second that this could be considered fair and just action. 

Think about it. Fort Lauderdale has made it a crime to give someone a sandwich. What is even more alarming is that our local government and police force is standing behind there actions. It’s disgusting. 

This and other incidents over the last few years have painted an unflattering picture of a system which we would have all rather have grown to have faith in. Instead, people are starting to realize that a policing power is more often abused and misguided than they may have hoped. 

If you were a criminal defense attorney in Broward County over the last twenty years, you would understand how bad abuse of power can get in some situations. 

The arrest of Arnold Abbott was one of them. 

As for criminal charges being filed against the extremist group “Anonymous,” We are currently unsure as to weather or not an investigation is underway. Certainly, the city is grappling with the legal obstacles in criminalizing seemingly non-criminal behavior. Technically, the group did nothing more than to urge a following of people to log on to the city’s official website.

Couldn’t that be considered legal behavior? 

Of course it could. 

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Lowest crime rate since 1970 – BSO Responds with Massive Sting Operation

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Back in the early 1990’s while studying law, there was kind of a joke going around among the 3-L’s about everyone collectively agreeing to back off the strenuous competition that seems ever prevalent early on in this profession. I personally loved the rivalry and the comradery. Like most, I never bought into the flawed reasoning of … Read more Lowest crime rate since 1970 – BSO Responds with Massive Sting Operation

Crime rate continues to drop with every bi-annual report according to the FLDE

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Officials have boasted the lowest crime rate in Broward County in 44 years. According to the FDLE, its getting even lower. According to the departments latest report, crime has declined in Broward County and additional 7.5 percent from last yeart. This has led many criminal defense lawyers to ask just how bad crime in Florida really was four and a half centuries ago.

Types of crime at a reported all time low are violent offenses and sex-crimes. Like a bad grade on an otherwise straight A report card is the undeniable fact, however that there were about 70 plus murders in Broward County over the past year and a half.

Only 70? …awesome.

-I am not sure if that is to be considered low. The article in the Sun Sentinel seemed to be boasting. Personally, I am skeptical of the numbers having practiced criminal defense almost daily in the Broward County Courthouse over the last 18 years. There seemed to be a large number of violent offenders being arraigned in the felony courts on a regular basis from what I can remember. I should know, I represented some of them.

What a surprise. I guess if the statistics are even remotely accurate, our Broward County residents must have finally gotten the message. That being;  Broward is tough on crime.

Very tough.

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Officers Investigate Possible Hit and Run in Crash Involving Motorcyclist

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A motorcyclist involved in an accident on Pines Boulevard in Broward County is believed to be the victim of a hit and run according to the Sun-Sentinel. Officers with the Broward Sheriff’s Office located a white, Mercedes-Benz automobile with extensive front-end damage in the parking lot of the nearby Heron Pond neighborhood following a witness account … Read more Officers Investigate Possible Hit and Run in Crash Involving Motorcyclist