Inappropriate jury selection practices: Getting jurors to like you.

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William Moore on Jury Selection Practices



Seeking Favor Unethical or even an Improper Criminal Litigation Tactic?

Almost two decades ago, during my first criminal jury trial as a prosecutor, I was met with an opposing defense attorney who immediately started talking about how she used to be a teacher with the Broward County school board. It was immediately apparent that her conversation was directed at a member of the presumptive panel who had previously explained during the Judges preliminary questioning that education was her life’s work.

I objected swiftly and defense counsel was quickly redirected by the court. Unfortunately, I knew that even in those brief moments of my adversary’s identifying with Juror number three, that she had managed to build a foundation of commonality and shared purpose with at least one potential juror who may have been charged with finding fact in the case that I was prosecuting.

The act was intentional yet un-egregious. Meaning it wouldn’t have warranted reprimand by the court.

It was tactical.

I eventually removed the Juror via one of my six preemptive strikes. Unfortunately, in much the same mild manner, my opposition had subtly let most of the jurors know that she was just like them during her questioning.

Over the last 15 years as a lawyer who defends people, I have also looked for subtle ways to relate to jurors.

“Mr. So and So, you stated earlier that you work in web development,” are you a site designer or an SEO?

(suddenly a look of shock in that potential jurors face that me, a lawyer on the case was speaking tech!)

Suddenly we are two people that “get” one another. I have glorified his chosen career and better yet I can’t go on talking about HTML or Search Engines because its inappropriate and prohibited under our rules… Meaning, it won’t be revealed that I know very little about computers or programming other than there are developers and there are SEOs.

More Deputies Suspended Pursuant to Rothstein investigation

Broward County Scott Rothstein Investigation

According to Local 10 News, two more BSO deputies have been suspended in the ongoing Scott Rothstein investigation.

According to Local 10 News, two more BSO deputies have been suspended in the ongoing Scott Rothstein investigation. The officers in question are currently paid pending the suspension.

The reasons for the suspension are not yet known according to criminal defense lawyer William Moore. Nothing has been told to either Lieutenant Frank Ballante or Sargent Matthew Baldwin.
-I’m suspended with pay but I have not been informed what the allegations (are),- claims Ballante an almost 30 year veteran with the Broward Sheriff’s Office. The high ranking officers were told little more than the suspension was due to ‘conduct unbecoming’.

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Sheriff Issues Warning to Burglary Suspect

CMI SmartWater in Broward Crime Investigation

The Broward Sheriff’s Office has begun using a high tech liquid to deter and apprehend burglary suspects according to the Sun-Sentinel.

The liquid can be placed or sprayed on valuable items within the home and effectively rubs off on to individuals who come into contact with the items. Criminal defense lawyer William Moore claims that versions of this forensic liquid (known as SmartWater) has been used overseas for some time.

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Affect of Prior Criminal History

Fort Lauderdale defense attorneys

Criminal NCIC Reports are Used by Prosecutors to Determine a Defendant’s Criminal History.

Prior arrests and convictions for criminal offenses can come into play in a variety of ways from a defense standpoint according to William Moore, a Criminal Attorney in Broward County. Issues such as bond amount, credibility and criminal offense enhancement need to be considered when evaluating arrests and conviction history of a client.

The thing to remember is that arrests and convictions are viewed differently by the Florida court system depending on which aspect of the litigation you are dealing with, just as classification of misdemeanor or felony are.

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Why do criminal lawyers advise against talking to police?

As a rule, criminal lawyers insist that their clients refuse discussing anything with detectives investigating a crime.

Criminal Lawyers Never Advise Clients to Speak with Police About a Criminal Investigation

Often it is not made clear to an individual that they are a suspect in a criminal investigation. Furthermore, the likelihood that something may be taken out of context is prevalent during the interviewing of an unrepresented witness or suspect. Criminal defense attorneys can quickly learn the status of their client before any questioning is undertaken by way of demanding immunity for the individual that they represent prior to questioning.

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