First Appearances, Arraignment and Pre-Trial Procedure

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First appearance In Broward County will your first appearance will occur before an assigned judge the following morning after an arrest is made. See information on getting a Bond Reduction This gives the defendant to a criminal action and opportunity to appear with their attorney and address issues such as bond release and future court … Read more First Appearances, Arraignment and Pre-Trial Procedure

Half a Million Dollar Bond Set for Man Facing Child Pornography Charges

On Monday August 18th 2014 a Broward County Judge set a $510,000 bond for 44 year old Michael J. Bedinotti, a man accused by local authorities for having child pornography on his laptop. Reports claim the laptop holds 50 images of young girls engaging in sex acts. See Article in Sun-Sentinel The Deerfield Beach man, … Read more Half a Million Dollar Bond Set for Man Facing Child Pornography Charges

Affect of Prior Criminal History

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Criminal NCIC Reports are Used by Prosecutors to Determine a Defendant’s Criminal History.

Prior arrests and convictions for criminal offenses can come into play in a variety of ways from a defense standpoint according to William Moore, a Criminal Attorney in Broward County. Issues such as bond amount, credibility and criminal offense enhancement need to be considered when evaluating arrests and conviction history of a client.

The thing to remember is that arrests and convictions are viewed differently by the Florida court system depending on which aspect of the litigation you are dealing with, just as classification of misdemeanor or felony are.

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Posting Bail Aftermath: Not a Get Out of Jail Free Card

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Once an arrested person pays a bond amount its known as posting bail. The bail amount may be paid in cash or by check. Some people may also hand over the ownership rights to a property with a cash value equivalent or exceeding the bail amount. The person may also be allowed to sign a bond that covers the full bail amount. In some cases, the arrested person may sign a statement that confirms to the court that the person will appear in court at the appointed time. Posting bail through bail bonds have to be purchased, and their price is usually about 10 percent of the total bond amount.

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Getting a Bail Bond Hearing

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The procedure of bail hearings in a criminal court according to Fort Lauderdale based criminal attorney, involves a close examination by the judge regarding the facts and circumstances of the case. Before releasing an individual on bail, the judge or magistrate determines everything that may be required to ensure the appearance of the defendant at trial. The court will pay particular attention to the nature of the offense and see whether it involves narcotics or violence.
The court may also examine the type and value of an asset or property that the defendant may offer as collateral. The extent of available evidence against the defendant also becomes a key factor in deciding bail. The court will review whether the individual was on probation or parole at the time of the current arrest, and if he or she poses any risk to others in the community.

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