DUI a factor in car crash critically injuring Tracy Morgan?

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The Sun-Sentinel reports that the well-known and liked comedian Tracy Morgan was severely injured in a car accident taking place on the New Jersey Turnpike at approximately 1 AM this morning. A limousine bus carrying Morgan and 3 others overturned killing one of the occupants. Whether an impaired driver was involved in the accident is … Read more DUI a factor in car crash critically injuring Tracy Morgan?

Alcohol Abuse, Dependence and Crime

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Criminal Lawyers use specific terminolgy when speaking to a judge. Specific understanding of a term’s meaning as it pertains to our criminal justice system is mandatory. – William Moore

William Moore, a Criminal Lawyer in Broward County, Florida recently explained that defending DUI cases involves more than just defense tactics. Effective representation also involves informing the presiding Judge as to the steps that a defendant charged with drunk driving has undertaken in order to ensure that he or she is not a likely candidate for repeat alcohol related offenses.

Terminology is important when it comes to effectively communicating with the presiding judge, assigned prosecutor and or court appointed psychologists and substance abuse counselors according to Moore. This really comes into play in cases involving Multiple DUI Offenses or Alcohol Related Accidents.

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Florida “No-Refusal” DUI Checkpoints Video

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Florida Statutes 316.1933 and 316.1932 allow blood draws to be used only in a limited number of scenarios: either there has been serious bodily injury, a fatality, or the person from whom blood is to be drawn appears in a medical facility for treatment and a breath test is impractical. William Moore, a DUI Lawyer in Fort Lauderdale  explains.
Blood tests are not allowed under Florida Statutes absent bodily injury. However, this is under warrantless search scenarios. Having an actual judge in the field with DUI officers allows for an immediate and possible rubber stamped search warrant.
Florida “No-Refusal” DUI Checkpoints are suppressing in that checkpoints are so controversial. Many States have agreed and do not use them.

DUI Defenses

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Our experienced DUI defense lawyers explain a DUI trial will usually involve one or more witnesses that are crucial to determining the outcome of the trial. Most often, the prosecutor produces the stopping officer, the DUI investigator, the breath tech operator and any civilian wheel witnesses (if applicable), explain experienced DUI defense lawyers in Fort Lauderdale. Both the prosecution and the defense sides may choose to present expert witnesses before the court, although many lawyers refrain from employing and utilizing experts in DUI defense cases. This is unfortunate as a DUI trial will have to largely rely on chemical testing in the form of breath, blood or urine. Broward DUI Lawyer

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What is Disorderly Intoxication?

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Disorderly intoxication is a criminal offense in Florida that has been distinctly classified under Florida Statute 856.011. For the offense to be disorderly intoxication, either of the following should take place:

1. The accused person should be intoxicated and is found drinking in a public place or conveyance causing a public disturbance.
2. The accused person is intoxicated and is endangering property or safety of a person or people.
– Fort Lauderdale DUI Attorney

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