Expect The Following Stages While Booking for DUI

Following an arrest for a driving under the influence the police officer will begin booking for DUI . During this stage the police officer is likely to ask for relevant information from the suspect, including facts such as the suspect’s name, age, and residence’s address. At the booking for DUI stage… The police officer will also formally … Read more Expect The Following Stages While Booking for DUI

DUI Means Vehicle Search

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In some circumstances if a law enforcement officers have a reason to suspect the presence of drugs in a vehicle (probable cause), they have a right to conduct a vehicle search without obtaining a search warrant. If you are investigated for DUI, however, you can expect that your car is going to be searched by … Read more DUI Means Vehicle Search

DUI Arraignment Process: Knowing What to Expect

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Broward DUI Lawyer William Moore Explains that when facing DUI convictions its important to understand the DUI Arraignment process. In certain situations, when an individual has been arrested on the charge of driving under influence, he or she will be given an opportunity to appear before a judge for the purpose of arraignment. The DUI arraignment process is as follows; charges are made against the defendant, and the defendant is asked to respond to the charges with a guilty or not guilty plea. The defendant will have a few legal options to deal with the charges, and may receive an opportunity for plea bargaining. This and questions about the information contained herein should be emailed using the contact form.

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Procedure in a Suspended Drivers License

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The procedure that results in suspended drivers license in a drunk driving is completely different from that of an ordinary moving violation. Under most state laws, the law enforcement officer will suspend the driver’s license even before the suspect has been convicted of the offense. Following an arrest in a DUI case, the police officer will take the driver’s license and in its place issue a temporary license that expires at a later date. The license becomes suspended on that expiry date, unless the suspects DUI lawyer has prevailed at a DMV hearing. suspended drivers license

It is the responsibility of the person charged with DUI to request a DMV hearing. A suspended drivers license becomes automatic by the DMV in the absence of a request for a hearing. This can take place irrespective of whether the charges are reduced later or even dismissed in a court of law. The DMV hearing provides an opportunity to the suspect to argue against license suspension by and through his DUI defense lawyer.

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Consequences of a Guilty Plea in a DUI Case

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When an individual decides to file a guilty plea to a DUI charge, at first he or she will be required to sign a form confirming waiver of certain constitutional rights pertaining to the case. The individual will lose the right to remain silent as well as the right to a jury trial. The form will likely include information about the potential punishment and other consequences of a guilty plea.

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In Fort Lauderdale, the judge will review the disclosures listed in the form openly in the court, while some other judges may avoid placing it on the record. Some judges insist on going over the details of the form openly so that the person who is pleading guilty to a DUI may not return later on to challenge the conviction on the basis that he or she was not adequately informed about the consequences. This does not reflect too well on the system and the judge when people make claims that no one told them what they were signing. The attorneys at William R. Moore Criminal Defense  offers some advice to anyone considering a plea to DUI in open court.

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