Justifiable Homicide in Florida

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Justifiable Homicide will Result in No Charges Being Filed In exceptional circumstances, a homicide may be considered legal according to our Broward Criminal Lawyers. The Florida Criminal justice system has provided an exception for certain killings that may otherwise be termed as murder or manslaughter. These killings are known as justifiable homicide. One of the … Read more Justifiable Homicide in Florida

First and Second Degree Murder

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The most serious form of criminal homicide is first degree murder. Our Criminal Defense Lawyers in Fort Lauderdale explain that in a typical case, first degree murder is both pre-meditated and intentional. Pre-meditated may refer to a short term plan or a long term plan to kill the victim. The intent of the murderer does … Read more First and Second Degree Murder

Murder in Florida

Florida murder defense attorney approach in¬†defending homicide cases is done through experience which is limited to very few practitioners. Florida murder defense attorney case defenses There are certain circumstances under which the death of the individual took place, which can provide grounds for pleading to a lesser charge. The Florida murder defense attorney¬†can try to … Read more Murder in Florida

Criminal Lawyer in Fort Lauderdale, Homicide Investigation Overview

The first officer on the scene of a homicide, or any crime scene, is most often a uniformed patrol officer. The Fort Lauderdale dispatcher receives a 911 telephone call, and he assigns the case to the next patrol officer on the rotation. Depending upon the severity of the crime and the danger level, more than … Read more Criminal Lawyer in Fort Lauderdale, Homicide Investigation Overview