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Firearm Defense: Carrying Concealed Weapon

Firearm defense lawyers in Broward County explain the licensing authority for carrying concealed weapons and firearms is the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. According to this statute, weapons and firearms can include handgun, tear gas gun, billie club, knife, and any electronic weapon. When firearm defense attorneys explain concealed weapon license to carry they emphasize that this list does not […]

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Broward disorderly intoxication attorneys

What is Disorderly Intoxication?

Disorderly intoxication is a criminal offense in Florida that has been distinctly classified under Florida Statute 856.011. For the offense to be disorderly intoxication, either of the following should take place: 1. The accused person should be intoxicated and is found drinking in a public place or conveyance causing a public disturbance. 2. The accused […]

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sex abused criminal attorney

Sex Abuse

Florida sex abuse attorney describes sexual conduct of any nature that is non-consensual and involves a child or a vulnerable adult is covered under the Florida law as sexual abuse. “Sexual conduct” as per the legal definition, refers to any act of real or simulated sexual intercourse, pervert or deviant sexual intercourse, masturbation, sadistic or masochistic abuse, […]

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South Florida white collar defense lawyer William R. Moore

Blackmailing Under Florida Law

The act of forcing someone to part with money, property or otherwise act against their interests because of the threat of exposure is known as extortion street name blackmailing.  Black mailing is prohibited and penalized to ensure that people do not feel forced to give into the demands of the blackmailer. Fort Lauderdale extortion attorney explains that the crime […]

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