Writing a Bad Check in Florida

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Writing a bad check (worthless check) as a form of payment for goods or services is a serious offense in Florida. This is because it is considered a crime of dishonesty or deceit according to our Broward Criminal Lawyers. Contact us directly if you wish to discuss an open case for check fraud. We also provide … Read more Writing a Bad Check in Florida

Sex Abuse

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Florida sex abuse attorney describes sexual conduct of any nature that is non-consensual and involves a child or a vulnerable adult is covered under the Florida law as sexual abuse. “Sexual conduct” as per the legal definition, refers to any act of real or simulated sexual intercourse, pervert or deviant sexual intercourse, masturbation, sadistic or masochistic abuse, … Read more Sex Abuse

Blackmailing Under Florida Law

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The act of forcing someone to part with money, property or otherwise act against their interests because of the threat of exposure is known as extortion street name blackmailing.  Black mailing is prohibited and penalized to ensure that people do not feel forced to give into the demands of the blackmailer. Fort Lauderdale extortion attorney explains that the crime … Read more Blackmailing Under Florida Law

Warning of Uncertainty in the Cyberbullying Laws

Fort Lauderdale based cyberstalking defense attorney warns that Florida cyberbullying laws legislation is quite comprehensive, certain uncertainties have been noted by cyberharassment lawyers and some commentators. For instance, the cyberbullying laws do not state the course of action or the consequences in instances where electronic data and/or software programs have been accessed away from the campus to create an environment of hostility or animosity within the premises of the educational institution.

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Computer Crime Laws in Florida

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Computer crime laws  have been implemented into Florida Laws, due to the the increasing use of computers for legitimate uses and the use of computers to perpetrate crimes, criminal lawyers in Fort Lauderdale have seen an increasing amount of cases dealing with Florida Law on Computer Crime issue. Florida has a set of laws designed to convict and punish those who indulge in computer crime or cybercrime.

Computer crime laws deal with criminal activity that involves computers, computer networks, and online sites. However, some of the crimes might involve other criminal laws as well, and in such cases, Florida prosecution will use both sets of laws to prove their case against the defendant.

Computer Crime Laws Linked with Criminal Crimes Laws

The Florida laws on computer crimes cover a range of criminal activities using computers such as hacking, intellectual property theft, fraud, and financial or identity theft using computers. The penalties for these crimes depend on the severity of the crimes and can range from only a fine to life imprisonment.

Since the crimes involve computers, both the prosecution and the defense will normally call upon technical experts to provide evidence involving the actual execution of the crime or an explanation for its legal basis.

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