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Criminal Attorneys Broward County, FL Fort Lauderdale Criminal Defense Lawyer If you’ve been arrested in South Florida, you know better than anyone that finding the best fit when it comes to defense counsel is challenging. Like most professions, criminal attorneys range in both skill and experience. It should come as no surprise that your choice with regard to who will represent your defense can have lifelong consequences.

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Fortunately, researching a particular criminal attorneys history in defending a particular crime type in addition to how long they have been practicing in the jurisdiction for which you have been charged may be easier than you think. Defense attorneys like all members of the Florida Bar are regulated by rules of professional conduct. One such strictly enforced regulation is that no attorney in Florida shall misrepresent their qualifications and experience to a potential client. Always ask a prospective attorney to reduce their claims of skill and prior criminal trial experience to writing.Criminal Attorneys Broward County/Fort Lauderdale.

Broward County Criminal Lawyer William Moore

Broward County Criminal Lawyer

William Moore, Criminal Lawyer Broward County

Simply ask the lawyer to note their representations in the retainer agreement that should be provided to you in consideration of your employing their services.

Criminal Defense Attorneys in Broward County, Florida that have spent their career practicing criminal law and nothing else.

The partners at our law firm have been practicing criminal law for the entirety of their careers. We have each worked as special unit prosecutors and have been defending criminal cases for over a decade. Each of us is proud of our case history, reputation in South Florida as criminal lawyers and developed strategy in defending specific crime types. We are dedicated criminal defense attorneys who have built a solid reputation in Broward County, Florida as being skilled and diligent litigators. Over the last 17 years, each of our founding partners have tackled complex and interesting challenges within our chosen area of criminal defense practice. Our lawyers have never strayed from a general focused area of specific crime types, with minor exceptions. The defending of different Florida criminal offenses often involves diverse tactical and strategic approaches to the way a defense is handled from onset to conclusion. We believe, that a generalized focus or open-door – take any case- policy falls short of a legal career spent defending limited offense types. Come sit down with all of us and learn how we have helped hundreds of people charged and more importantly how we can help you. Want an example of our work?

Our Fort Lauderdale Criminal Lawyers will always provide proof of experience and case history

Our legal team is available to discuss your case at any time free of charge. There is never a fee to speak with our defense attorneys claims William Moore. Our Criminal law firm is founded on providing affordable representation to the residents of South Florida. Each of our defense lawyers provide lecture videos, legal commentary & authored works specific to defense tactics and current legal issues on a regular basis. As a general rule our current press releases directly correlate to the types of cases currently being defended by the partners in our law firm. We invite you to review the over 2000 articles, videos and lectures that each of us have compiled over the last 17 years. To learn more, schedule a consultation with our legal team.

William R. Moore Criminal Defense Lawyer Fort Lauderdale

Florida Lawyer William Moore has tried to verdict over 150 criminal jury trials. Attorney Moore is also one of the very few lawyers to have ever been solicited and hired by an elected public defender straight from the prosecutors office in the same county. – year 2000

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William R. Moore Criminal Defense Attorneys Broward County Florida for the filming of Crime Celebrity’s Hollywood (Florida) Stars (B List) Arrest followed by the more tame “Basic Explanations of Florida Criminal Law”

These basic lecture videos were produced with the intention of assisting arrested persons in understanding common criminal offenses such as domestic violence, drug possession and DUI. Although not as much of a hit with our clients as we had hoped, Interested persons throughout the state of Florida of all walks of life, however, download the series out of interest and or simply for entertainment such as with the former Crime Celebrity Online Magazine articles or Learn the law so-called games. Originally recorded in 2002, the Grand Theft Auto Offensive used a popular video game for an unintended purpose. Rather than racking up points, competitors attempted to accurately identify offenses as they were committed in the game (by a playing teammate), classifying and reciting maximum penalties earned points (on a loosely based system). One of the many creative ways that us prosecutors at the time managed to get kids interested in Florida Law. [Hard to believe that many of the Fort Lauderdale high-school Law Magnet students and 7-8th grade Juvenile Street Law Participants have been local lawyers for a few years now].

In this clip, one of our Lawyers demonstrates how the game was played on a Pod cast of the Instance: William Moore, Criminal Defense Lawyer Fort Lauderdale

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William are more criminal defense attorneys in Broward County are tireless and litigators  who have successfully  prepared for and fought the Broward County state attorney’s office in hundreds of full-length criminal jury trials  over the last 17 years. Many of these experiences have been memorialized in writings, lectures, video presentation commentary and recorded radio shows specific to criminal law topics in Florida.

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