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Celebrity Marijuana Posession

Medical marijuana laws do not create the defense to criminal possession charges in Florida.


Legalization of marijuana possession and use for medicinal purposes has been approved in Florida following a 71% majority vote in Florida. If you are caught possessing the substance, however, without a valid medical marijuana identification card and prescription, don’t expect to use the “I was using it for medicinal purposes” excuse. Not a defense to […]

Celebrity Shoplifting


Despite their fame and fortune, some celebrities just can’t help themselves when it comes to shoplifting. Perhaps if the belief that their notoriety will shield them from being reported by a store clerk. Maybe it’s that they just can’t be bothered with having to wait to be rung up at the register. Classic examples of […]

Attorney William R. Moore Criminal Law Podcast

Interview with former sex crimes unit prosecutor


Recently, Attorney William R. Moore interviewed the former lead prosecutor for the Broward County State Attorney’s Office. Now in private practice as a defense lawyer who exclusively handles sex cases, he is undertaken the overwhelming task of seeking legal changes that would allow individuals to more easily obtain removal from the sex offender registry. See […]