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My name is William R. Moore and I have been practicing criminal law in Fort Lauderdale for over 20 years. To learn more about my criminal case history and track record, contact me personally:

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If you’ve been wrongfully accused and charged criminally in Broward County, it’s time to get serious about your defense and talk to our team of veteran criminal lawyers in Fort Lauderdale. There is never a charge to speak with us about a pending criminal matter regardless of whether or not you intend to retain our services.

Our Criminal Lawyers in Fort Lauderdale have defended crime types of all severity including all Misdemeanor and Felony Offenses: Drug PossessionDrug Manufacturing and Cultivation, Domestic Violence, Assault and Battery, DUI Defense, Habitual Driving on a Suspended License, DWLS, Leaving Scene of Accident, Hit and Run, Guns, Firearm Possession, Vandalism, Criminal Mischief, Sex CrimesRestraining OrdersJustifiable Homicide, ManslaughterFraud and White Collar Crime, Child Exploitation, Child Abuse and Elderly Neglect.

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Avoiding a prison sentence through restitution

Criminal offenses such as DUI Manslaughter almost always include a civil lawsuit seeking damages from the offenders insurance company. In many instances however, the maximum policy limits do not fully compensate the victim’s family. Sometimes the offender didn’t carry automobile insurance at all. Establishing that restitution to the victim outweighs the need for a prison …

Things that you don’t know about Restraining Orders

We see a lot of cases where a business owner is being maliciously defamed online by someone who has a personal vendetta against them. The loss of revenues due to false reports about someone’s business certainly causes great emotional distress and entitles them in most cases to get an injunction preventing a respondent from continuing …


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