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Gang-Rape Victims

The mean age of the victims in the 24 cases of campus gang rapes discussed in this view was 18; usually they were first-year students who were inexperienced with campus life. Our Criminal Lawyers in Fort Lauderdale have detailed statistics on Broward County rape cases over the last decade. Call for information.

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Victims of group assaults by acquaintances at fraternities and men’s dorms tend to have two characteristics: They are naive, but they have somehow gained a reputation among the men for being promiscuous A “perfect victim,” from that point of view, was the complaining witness in the case. At the age of 20, she was divorcing the man she had dated from the age of 14; she had been at the university for a few weeks To the 18- and 19-year-old men she accused, she seemed a racy character Not only was she older and a divorce, but also she had sneaked into the men s dorm on a prior occasion One man told the others, as they rode a bus to a football game, that he had had sex with her that first evening, within hours of meeting her (She denied it).

Generally, women who habitually socialize with a group of men, and therefore are more often available to them, are no more likely to be victims of a group sexual assault than social outsiders are (Garrett-Gooding and Senter, 1987) The reason seems to be that social insiders are cognizant of the group mores. Sorority women learn from their sisters what different behaviors “mean” within the system. For example, they learn not to go upstairs to the bathroom at a fraternity party unless accompanied by another woman (Ehrhart and Sandler, 1985) and that getting drunk is taken by the men as a signal of availability. Women who are not part of the same social set as the men may be ignorant of such rules Consequently, they communicate their intentions by violating the norms or may unknowingly take risks, and become targets of sexual assault. Despite their knowledge of these rules, several of the victims in the 24 cases were girlfriends or long-term friends of the perpetrators who were lulled into trust, thought they were protected in violating the rules, and found themselves betrayed.

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