Seal Expunge Evaluation Form

If you are finding it difficult to obtain employment or pursue education or career goals due to a criminal record you may wish to consider having this public information either sealed or expunged.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement follows strict guidelines which are promulgated under Florida criminal law. Attorney William Moore or one of his criminal law partners will review your eligibility with regard to sealing or expunging prior criminal history.

Criminal arrests occurring in Broward County can be evaluated for eligibility in a matter of minutes with little more than the criminal court case number originally assigned to your case.

-William R. Moore

William Moore Criminal Defense Law Firm in Broward County

Criminal record sealing/expunction evaluation form
Submit this form to determine if you are eligible to have your Florida criminal arrest record either sealed or expunged. Our attorneys are usually able to determine whether or not an arrestee qualifies to have their record sealed or expunged in less than 15 minutes.
Indicate the number of times that you have been arrested for a criminal offense anywhere in the United States.
Indicate whether you pled to the offense as charged or if the case was broken down to a lesser offense.

Criminal cases arising out of Broward County Florida can be evaluated for record ceiling or expulsion eligibility with a case number alone.

If you do not have your prior Broward County criminal court case number, you may find it online via the Broward County Clerk of Court website by conducting a Criminal Case Search.

Provide as much information about the crime for which you are arrested for as possible. Information about specific cases in jurisdictions other than Broward County may be found on that jurisdictions clerk of court website.
Florida police officers may issue a notice to appear rather then arresting an individual who is believed to have committed certain low level offenses. If you have been charged criminally after being given a ticket as opposed to being arrested please indicate that you received an NOA here.
Whether a defendant was placed on probation along with their performance while on probation can affect your eligibility to either seal or expunge a Florida criminal record.