Sex Crimes Law firm Fort Lauderdale


Sex Crimes Attorneys are fewer in number from a career focus standpoint than other legal practitioners. In addition to strong negative feelings by the general public, sexual battery (or rape) is a very serious crime which carries significant sentences under Florida Sex Law. If accused, a defendant faces life felony charges or even the death sentence if the alleged victim is less than 12 years old. Sexual battery is defined under Florida statutes to mean penetration by the perpetrator’s sexual organ or an object, of the alleged victim’s vagina, anus, or mouth, without the consent of the victim. If the victim is a minor than the law deems the person incapable of giving consent to such an act, and hence even consensual sex with a minor is considered rape.

Broward County Sex Crimes Lawyer Jim Weick belongs to several criminal defense organizations where he provides opinions about evidence gathering. Considered to have extensive knowledge in the area of DNA evidence, Attorney Weick is routinely contacted by criminal bar members on a regular basis for both opinions and explanations specific to reading complex reports of anticipated expert witnesses. Weick is considered to have a thorough understanding of Florida Sex Law to the extent that his approach and strategical defense is very different than some might expect.

Florida Sex Law can be used as a weapon explains Broward Criminal Lawyer William Moore.

This creates an ever present uneasy feeling when it comes to crimes that by very nature illicit strong negative emotions in the general public. It is difficult to imagine a set of laws that may better protect victims as well as the falsely accused.