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There is never a feed to discuss the strengths of your defense with me. James: Sex Crime Lawyer Broward County

Jim Weick served as a special crimes prosecutor in Broward County Florida. While employed, Attorney Weick was in charge of over seeing the prosecution of sex related offenses. Attorney Weick continues to focus on the area of sex offenses defending those accused of sexually motivated offenses in Broward County Florida.

For more information about defending against accusations of sex crime. Contact The William Moore Criminal Defense Law Firm in Fort Lauderdale at 954-523-5333.

William Moore

William Moore is a well respected Criminal Defense Lawyer in Broward County, Florida. who has focused his legal career exclusively on criminal defense. Attorney Moore has litigated over 200 criminal jury trials in Broward County of all degrees and severities with great success.In addition to practicing criminal litigation, William Moore regularly lectures on criminal defense tactics in Broward. William Moore has also authored over one thousand works outlining and explaining criminal defense tactics and strategies. Most of William Moore's work is available upon request. William Moore is the founder of the criminal defense firm William Moore Criminal Defense in Fort Lauderdale.

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