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Speed up Record Sealing Process With Early Termination Domestic Violence Battery Explanation Video Domestic Violence Battery How Did I Get Here? Assault Rifles: Look Menacing or Menace to Society? Botched DUI Presumes Guilt CBD Oil Will Be Legal in 2019 Destruction of Evidence in Elbo Room Manslaughter Case The “Anti-Tough on Crime” Movement America’s Third Safest City in Florida? What Makes a Battery Arrest Domestic Violence? Referring Attorneys Criminal Justice Reform Soft on Crime Broward DUI Task Force to Install Intoxilyzer 8000s in Patrol Cars? Florida’s Standard Ground Law Still Confusing in Light of Markieis Mcglocklon Case Uber Crime and Insurance Avoiding a Prison Sentence Through Restitution Things That You Don’t Know about Restraining Orders .05 Legal Limit & Uber Rideshare Impact on DUI Leaving the Scene of an Accident: Can I Leave a Note? Should I Submit to Roadside Sobriety Exercises? To Blow or Not to Blow, That Is the Question in Florida DUI Investigations Obtaining a Hardship License DUI Arrests Continue to Decline in Broward County Florida Warning to Friend About Statutory Rape (Light Humor) Make Your Jurors Feel Good about Themselves Short “to the Point” Direct Examination Identifying Leaders in Criminal Trial Jury Selection Identifying the Jury Forman Juror Bias in Sex Cases Identifying Leaders in Jury Selection Discrepancies in Criminal Sentencing Medical Marijuana a Defense to Possession Charges? Celebrity Shoplifting Crime Celebrity: Dead Bodies Episode Interview With Former Sex Crimes Unit Prosecutor Event Data Recorders in DUI Manslaughter Cases Stand Your Ground Law Application and Controversy Committing a Crime With an Unloaded Firearm Check Fraud Arrest in Broward County Rolex Theft Second Arrest for Impersonating a Police Officer Conflicting Advice About Obtaining a Hardship License Following an Arrest for DUI in Florida Victim Waiver of Prosecution in Domestic Violence Cases Why Is Everyone Under Investigation Talking to the Police? Low Level White Collar Crime Still the Primary Focus of South Florida Police Efforts? How to File for Protection Under Florida’s Various Restraining Order Statutes Adding Charges of Battery on a Law Enforcement Officer in Order to Justify Police Brutality The Tactical Decision to Reserve Opening at Trial State of Arrest Now on iTunes Record Sealing Without a Lawyer Identifying Hit and Run Suspects Is Easier Now than Ever for Traffic Investigators Rams Receiver Stedman Bailey Shot Florida Legalization of Marijuana and the Uncertainty of Financial Service Industry Assault Rifles: Look Menacing or Menace to Society When a Judge Doesn’t Accept a Negotiated Plea Offer Jury Duty & Selection Ecstasy Exchanged for Sex at Correct Care Recovery Solutions? Crime Quiz #1, Historic Marijuana Prohibition & Harry J Anslinger Crime Quiz 3 – Domestic Violence Defense & Prosecution Diversion Programs The Race to Grow Low Potency Marijuana The United States vs. Marijuana Broward State Attorney’s Office Targets Judge Contini. Huh? Man Hit by Car after Attempting to Kill Ex-Wife Apprehended I Was Arrested for Domestic Violence and Now I’m Not Allowed in My Home What Can I Do? Sex Related Crimes Last Week Do People Running Overseas Internet Scams Ever Get Arrested? New Broward County Courthouse Almost Complete Report on Taser Use by the Department of Justice Injury From Taser Use in Broward County Murder, Arson and Burglaries This Week in Broward County A Few Things to Remember Before Heading to Court… Allegations, Investigation and Arrest of Suspect Criminal Procedure Scott Weiland Was Never Charged With the Severity of Criminal Offenses That His Wife Mary Was Fort Lauderdale Makes It a Crime to Give Food to the Homeless and Hungry. Extremist Group “Anonymous” Responds Lowest Crime Rate Since 1970 – BSO Responds With Massive Sting Operation Crime Rate Continues to Drop with Every Bi-Annual Report According to the FLDE Is It Safe to Fly With an Open Arrest Warrant Defending Charlie Sheen Inappropriate Jury Selection Practices: Getting Jurors to Like You Criminal Law Humo Officers Investigate Possible Hit and Run in Crash Involving Motorcyclist Mental Health Counselor David Teitelbaum Tragically Shot Sunday BSO Deputy Facing Severe Criminal Charges Things You Should Know Before Being Stopped for DUI Felony Murder Laws in Florida Highly Criticized and Misunderstood If My Record Is Sealed or Expunged, Who Can See It? Fort Lauderdale Apple Store Employees Facing White Collar Grand Theft Charges Ex-Medical Aide Pleads Guilty in ID Theft Case Can You Be Prosecuted for a DUI Even If You Did Well on the Field Sobriety Test? Shoplifting and Addiction Half a Million Dollar Bond Set for Man Facing Child Pornography Charge Elderly Shoplifting 152 Cannabis Plants Confiscated by Broward County Police in Grow House Bust ‘Sons of Guns’ Reality Star Will Hayden Arrested Following False Accusations of Child Molestation Car Accidents Involving Death Rapper Trick Daddy Arrested Violation of Plea Deals Question Pre-Trial Motions Criminal Drug Law Question and Answer The Use of Private Investigators Custody of Elicit Drug Evidence Extortion Scam Targets Broward Residents The Broward County Crime Lab: 20 Years in Review (Part 1) Hiring an Expert in Preparation of a Criminal Case Two Decades Defending DUI What Ever Happened with Shooting Allegations Against Reality Star Andrea Penoyer Tianga? New Arrest in Rothstein Ponzi Scheme Investigation Is It Illegal to Take Friends/Family Members Perception Pills? When a Minor is Convicted of DUI Are Drug Laws Different for Minors? Convicted of DUI and Live Overseas Detectives Warn Potential Victims of Stolen Car Scam Strong Arm Robbery Crime Tracking App Now Active Avoid Being Harassed by Police Officers Judge Justified in Holding Suspect in Contempt Another Officer Impersonation Arrest in Broward Firm Interactive Website Goes Live Vague Laws that Criminalize Lawful Activity Honest Services Fraud, Vague and Politically Motivated Alarming Results of Decade Long Study on Race and the Death Penalty DUI a Factor in Car Crash Critically Injuring Tracy Morgan? Detective Divisions Strengthen Defense by Separating Criminal Jury Trials Effects of Alcohol Consumption Punishment Greater for Hate Crimes What is Drug Addiction? Hate Crimes Narrowly Defined Girlfriend Arrested in Police Officer Death Memorial Day Arrests on Broward County Beaches Sheriff Issues Warning to Burglary Suspect More Deputies Suspended Pursuant to Rothstein investigation Woman’s Father Not Buried Where Cemetery Claimed Shoplifters for Hire in Florida Increased Arrests a DUI Deterrent? False Allegations of Sexual Abuse Made by Children Death Penalty Under Scrutiny Children Coached to Make False Allegations of Sexual Abuse Alcohol Abuse, Dependence and Crime Affect of Prior Criminal History DUI: Can Benadryl and Alcohol Create a Cumulative Effect? Why Do Criminal Lawyers Advise against Talking to Police? When Should a Client Tell His Version of the Facts to a Defense Lawyer? Female vs. Male Victims of Sexual Battery Florida State Quarterback Recently Accused of Shoplifting Defending Accompanying Charge of Reckless Driving in DUI Trial When a Breath Test Operator Doesn’t Remember Conducting DUI Investigation? Affiliations The Study of DUI Defense Strategy Road Rage in Florida Date Rape Drugs Florida Cab Driver Accused of Raping a Passenger Devon Charles Lochte Violates Probation in Florida My Son Was Charged with Possession of My Pain Medication (Oxycontin) without My Permission. What Penalty Is He Facing If Convicted? Sexual Battery Generally What Happens If I Am Arrested for Possessing Adderall? Florida Teacher Charged With Battery Is Community Control Available to Juveniles? Can I Be Charged with Trafficking a Controlled Substance If the Drugs Were Prescription Medication? Can I Be Charged with a Felony If I Was Arrested for Theft Valuing over $300? What is Broward County Drug Court? Role of Juvenile Probation Officer White Collar Crime of Insurance Fraud Florida Amends their DUI Law to Reduce the Hardship on First Time Offenders Changes to Treatment of Non-Violent Criminals Changes to Florida Cyber-Bullying Laws The Broad Range of Juvenile Crimes Arrest and Detention of Juveniles Justin Bieber got a Bad Wrap Sexual Performance by a Minor Rescheduling Criminal Court Hearings DUI Manslaughter and Criminal Intent Justifiable Homicide in Florida Homicide in Florida First and Second Degree Murder Florida “No-Refusal” DUI Checkpoints Video Clerk of Court Employee Pleads Guilty to ID Theft Website Lists Registered Sex Offenders on Florida College Campuses Politics: Sen. Altman: Florida Sex Laws Should Be Changed For Teens Domestic Violence an Awkward Political Crime Think All Lawyers Are the Same? Organizations, Past Accomplishments & Public Work Child Abuse Lawyers Explain Reporting Insurance Fraud Automobile Fraud Credit Card Fraud Best Defenses to Possessing Child Pornography Armed Robbery With a Toy Gun Armed Robbery Enforcing Plea Agreements Question Drug Possession Defenses Embezzlement Under Florida Law DUI Defenses Laws on Resisting Arrest in Florida Murder in Florida Florida Homicide Cases (Part 2) The Last 20 Years of Sex Crime Litigation Weick Routinely Called upon to Assist in Defense Carrying Concealed Weapon Illegal Firework Sales in Florida Lawyer James Weick Capital Sexual Battery Defined Q: What Happens When Arrested for Battery? Weapon Offenses in Florida Community Control Electronic Monitoring Assault and Battery Arrests What is Disorderly Intoxication? Writing a Bad Check in Florida Prosecution of Drug Paraphernalia Possession Drug Paraphernalia Cases Posting Bail Aftermath: Not a Get Out of Jail Free Card Sex Abuse The Shoe Doesn’t Fit: Defenses That Won’t Work in Lewd and Lascivious Cases Blackmailing Under Florida Law Prostitution The Oldest Profession Domestic Violence Linked in with Cyberstalking DUI Means Vehicle Search Defending Drug Possession Cases Expect The Following Stages While Booking for DUI New Cyberstalking Laws in Florida Warning of Uncertainty in the Cyberbullying Laws Computer Crime Laws in Florida DUI Arraignment Process: Knowing What to Expect Intent vs Motive Procedure in a Suspended Drivers License Getting Out of Jail on Own Recognizance Do I Need an Attorney for only Attempting a Crime in Broward County? Arrested for Aiding, Abetting and Accesso Consequences of a Guilty Plea in a DUI Case DUI Punishment Knowledge is Power Basic Concepts For Criminal Defense Getting a Bail Bond Hearing Arraignment of a Criminal Defendant How to Hire a Criminal Attorney Common Penalties for DUI Nationwide Drug Crime Laws with Search and Seizure DNA in Sex Cases: Weick Called upon to Offer Opinion in Florida Court Probation Procedures, Requirements and Violations The Option of Plea Bargains in a Criminal Case Retesting Testing DNA to Solve Crimes Community Involvement & DUI How to Avoid Legal Trouble during Job Interviews X-Men Star James Marsden’s Wife Seeks Divorce UK Tabloid Fuels Rumors of Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore Split Stan Lee’s Guardian Project Faces Lawsuit from a Hollywood Manager Paramedic Testifies in Murray Trial Hollywood Watches Legal Argument over Copyrights West Hollywood’s Ban on Fur Sale: How Legal Is It? Detaining a Shoplifter at the Store Scarlett Johansson Issues Legal Threats to Websites over Nude Photos Minister’s Naked Cult Ritual Sparks off Legal Debate Mayor Bloomberg Defends Decision to Foot Legal Bills for City Hall Insiders Charlie Sheen Settles Legal Differences Over Two and a Half Men Oprah Talks about OJ Simpson Michael Jackson’s Physician Breaks Down in Court Common Types of White Collar Crimes Amy Winehouse Foundation Launched on Birthday Florida Juries Documents Your Attorney Will Obtain If You Are Arrested in Fort Lauderdale The Criminal Charge of Fraud Details on Casey Anthony Trial Holiday DUI Arrests in Fort Lauderdale Casey Anthony Case Continues to Make Waves in South Florida Blood Samples in Broward County DUI Arrests Hired Gun: Fort Lauderdale Criminal Lawyer Moore Discusses Murder-for-Hire Allegations in Boynton Beach Notable Florida DUI News DUI Smartphone Apps Privileges in Court and Confidentiality Administrative Driver’s License Suspension Based on Age Juvenile Justice Issues The Aim of DUI Prosecution Should Be to Reduce Injury Rather than to Criminalize Driving Fingerprinting Prison Guard Corruption To Blow or Not to Blow: Whether or Not to Take the Breathalyzer Test Visiting Millionaire Allegedly Steals Florida College Student’s Credit Card to Purchase Pizza DUI Arrest of Former MADD President “Hard Core” Drunk Driving Florida Prisons Roadside Field Sobriety Tests History of the Juvenile Justice System Broward DUI Lawyer: Driving Under the Influence on a Bicycle Vacating Plea Agreements Twin Brother of Jose Conseco Arrested on Suspicion of DUI in Broward County The Insanity Defense in the State of Florida Jared Lee Loughner Profiled by the Media Broward DUI Lawyer on Actual Physical Control of a Vehicle Tucson Tragedy Explained Broward DUI Lawyer on the Confrontation Clause & DUI Issues Discusses Rivera v. Illinois Drivers License Administrative Suspension Issues in Broward County DUI by the Numbers Jim Morrison Pardoned Years After His Death Supreme Court on the Right to Remain Silent, Part II Jim Leyritz DUI Manslaughter Trial Discussed by Fort Lauderdale Alcohol Testing Accuracy Supreme Court Ruling on Right to Remain Silent — Part I DUI Manslaughter Issues by Fort Lauderdale DUI Lawyer Search and Seizure in the Age of Technology DUI Patrols for Halloween Criminal Law & Standards of Proof Ignition Interlocks 10-20-Life Driving Under the Influence & Prescription Drugs Victims Rights in the Criminal Justice System in Broward County DUI Video Evidence In Broward County Miranda Warnings: The Right to Remain Silent Hearsay & Evidence Discussed by a Fort Lauderdale Criminal Lawyer Evidence in DUI Trials — Fort Lauderdale DUI Lawyer Driver’s License Charges Addressed by a Broward DUI Attorney Holiday DUI Enforcement — Fort Lauderdale DUI Lawyer Expunging Criminal Records Serious Injuries in Fort Lauderdale DUI Investigations Blood Draws in Fort Lauderdale DUI Arrests Common DUI Myths Addressed by Broward DUI Lawyer Plea Agreements Are Field Sobriety Exercises Voluntary? Driving Under the Influence & Immigration Consequences Immigration Consequences for Certain Crimes Possession or Sale of Controlled Substance: Fort Lauderdale Criminal Case Update Multiple DUI Counts Based on Same Episode Enhanced DUI DUI & Multiple Substances Motions to Suppress Basics Inconsistent Jury Verdicts Criminal Defense & Right to a Speedy Trial License Revocation and Non-Highway Driving Youthful Offender Stalking Implied Consent Generally: Broward County DUI Law Cocaine Trafficking Using the Insanity Defense Eyewitness identification The Death Penalty & Cruel and Unusual Punishment Jimmy Ryce Act The Right to Remain to Silent in Criminal Investigations: Consensual Encounters Probation: Monthly Reports in Broward County Miranda Warnings in Florida DUI Cases Leaving the Scene of an Accident HGN in Florida DUI Cases Florida DUI Law – Commercial Vehicles A Word on Firearms Can I Argue Self Defense If Charged with Possession of a Firearm by a Convicted Felon? Ignition Interlock Requirements in DUI Cases Conspiracy – Multiple Offenses Lawyer Advertising & Representations as to Skill Miranda Rights Arrest Warrants The First Implied Consent Laws Assault HGN Tests (Pen Light) Independent Nature of the DMV Explained by Attorney William R. Moore Theft Crimes Criminal Attorney on Theft Crimes Police Officer from Coconut Creek Arrested for Driving Under the Influence (DUI) Battery Crime Basics Alcohol & Protein in DUI Defense Criminal Attorney: Secondary Crime Scene Factors Affecting BAC Levels Proving Drug Use (DUI) Driving Under the Influence Criminal Lawyer in Palm Beach County Overview: The Crime Scene Logbook Criminal Lawyer in Fort Lauderdale, Homicide Investigation Overview Video Production for DUI Property Damage Cases Cockfighting and Animal Abuse DUI and Drugs Double Jeopardy Double Jeopardy Government Participation in Illegal Searches Tragic End in the Case of Missing Florida Girl Somer Thompson DUI Involving Sleep Medication DUI Arrests in the News How ‘Beyond a Reasonable Doubt’ Is Not Always Applied DUI Manslaughter, Property Damage and Serious Bodily Injury Additional Documents in the Casey Anthony Case Made Public What Signs of Driving Under the Influence Do Law Enforcement Officials Look For? Palm Beach Criminal Lawyer — Univision Star Arrested on Child Pornography Charges Be Careful When Meeting Online Strange but True DUI Stories from Fort Lauderdale DUI Lawyer Direnzo What Causes Criminal Behavior? A Discussion About Motivation The Tie Between Alcoholism & DUI Leyritz Case Continued (Part Two) Flaws in the State’s Background Check System Jim Leyritz Trial Delayed After Release of New Videotape—Part One Police Investigate the Deaths of Three Sunrise Family Members Fort Lauderdale DUI Lawyer – Responsible Consumption of Alcohol and Driving Under the Influence (DUI) Responsible Consumption of Alcohol and Driving Under the Influence (DUI) Drug Crimes in Florida Juvenile Delinquency in Broward County Drunk Driving Issues High-Profile DUI Case, Follow-Up Age and Domestic Violence Vero Beach Count Administrator Cleared of Driving Under the Influence What are the Most Difficult Crimes to Solve More Women Arrested for Drunk Driving than in Previous Years Fort Lauderdale Homicide Still Has Police Looking for Clues Breathalyzer Tests Questioned After Calibration Error St. Lucie Deputy Arrested for Driving Under the Influence Parole and Probation Violations of Probation Can Have Serious Consequences Underage DUI Taco Bell Slaying Rattles in Oakland Park House Arrest Conditions Modified for Donte Stallworth Hollywood Police Officers Caught Falsifying DUI Sheriff’s Deputy Accused of Sex Crimes in Broward County Drug Enforcement Policy Changes Under Obama Administration Dangerous Driving Behaviors – DUI and Others Field Sobriety Tests as a Method of Determining a Driver’s Level of Intoxication in Broward Drug Treatment Programs in Broward County Detectives on scene call local attorney with complex legal questions Domestic Violence: Defense Issues Celebrity DUI Arrests in the News in South Florida Son of Former Dolphins Owner, Billionaire H. Wayne Huizenga, Arrested for Boating Under the Influence Man Accused of Stealing More than $100K from Condo Association in Broward County Hallandale Beach Driver Arrested on Suspicion of DUI Get Arrested for DUI and Have Your Name Dragged Through the Mud Are Tasers Safe? Broward DUI Lawyer – DUI Rises in Palm Beach County, Decreases Across State DUI Checkpoints Don’t Work According to Fort Lauderdale DUI Lawyers Animal Cruelty and Violent Crimes Cat Killer’s Arrest Affidavit Made Public DUI age 21 or Younger 15-Year-Old Arrested for Robbery Jim Leyritz, Facing DUI Manslaughter, Finds More Criminal Trouble Family May Face Criminal Charges After Toddler Killed by Python DUI Checkpoints Ramped Up Over Fourth of July Weekend Miramar Prison Guard Arrested for Drug Operation Broward DUI Lawyer – DUI Not Just for Driving and Not Just for Alcohol Broward County Deputy with History of Complaints Teenage Batterer Violates Her Probation in Broward County Crime Statistics Leyritz Ignition Interlock Malfunctions Guilty Plea Expected in Stallworth Case Cat Killer Suspect Taken Into Custody Former County Commissioner on Her Life in Jail Loxahatchee Woman Faces DUI, Child Abuse Charges Understanding Breathalyzers Net Sweeps Numerous Alleged Cyber Criminals Right to Counsel in Criminal Investigations Graffiti Becomes Issue in Hollywood, FL Palm Beach County DUI Lawyer: Do Ignition Interlock Devices Work? Lauderhill, Florida – Possible Cat-Killer Terrorizes Broward County, South Miami-Dade JonBenét Ramsey Flashback DUI Checkpoints – How They Work Supreme Court Rulings Updated by Broward County Criminal Lawyer William Moore Sotomayor and Criminal Law West Palm Beach Criminal Defense Lawyer: Identity Theft and the Age of Technology History of Drunk Driving What Tips Off a Police Officer for DUI Arrests? Sex Offenders, Sexual Predators, and Broward County Miami, Fla. – Hot Pursuit on I-95 Government Cracking Down on Smuggling Operations off Fort Lauderdale Coast Man Tied to Fort Lauderdale Accident Sentenced in Illinois Boca Raton Woman Nears Plea Deal in Prostitution Ring Broward DUI Lawyer – State Fee Hike as Legislature Announces Budget State Troopers Lose DUI Manslaughter Suspect Follow Up: Death Penalty Sought for Casey Anthony Murders Frighten Local Residents Fort Lauderdale Stores at Risk MADD Pushes for Interlock Ignition Devices Drug News Supreme Court Examines Middle School Strip Search Case Broward DUI Lawyer: MADD Leader in Obama Administration Palm Beach Criminal Lawyer – Burglary Suspects Caught on Webcam DUI News Nationwide — Broward DUI Lawyer Saggy Pants Robber Strikes Again Drunk Driving in Video Games Rotten Teeth Robber Captured, Say Police Miami DUI Manslaughter — Donte Stallworth Surrenders to Miami Beach Police Sheriff’s Deputy Accused of Inappropriate Contact with Women Plea of No Contest, Not-Guilty and Guilty Florida Recent DUI News in Florida Discussion About Capital Punishment Juvenile Justice in Broward County Driving Under the Influence – An International Perspective from Fort Lauderdale DUI Lawyer Direnzo Defense The Role of Alcoholism in DUIs Prostitution an Ongoing Problem in Fort Lauderdale Old-Fashioned DUI & Liquor Legislation Repealed in Utah Drug Addiction & Drug Crimes Ineffective Defenses in Broward County Criminal Cases Recent Developments in Florida Charles Barkley’s High-Profile DUI Lake Worth Rapist Taken Down by Former Bouncer – Palm Beach Criminal Lawyer West Palm Beach DUI Lawyer – Follow Up on Palm Beach County Blood Tests Police Brutality Conspiracy or a Misunderstanding? Broward DUI Lawyer – Ex-Baseball Player Faces DUI Manslaughter, Legal Entanglements The Burden of Proof Explained Palm Beach Criminal Lawyer on Criminal Traffic Offenses Cooper City Man Arrested for DUI in Massive Crash Breath, Blood, and the Right to Confront Your Accuser in Broward County DUI Cases What Makes an Act Wrong? Search Warrants for Blood Tests Police Continue Investigation in Hit and Run Boca Raton Fundraiser Rubs MADD the Wrong Way Woman Contaminates Baby Food, Taken in on Baker Act West Palm Beach DUI Lawyer – Palm Beach County Deputy Hits Tree in DUI Michael Phelps Palm Beach County Criminal Defense Lawyer — Boynton Beach Man Calls 911 Over Beverage Selection at Burger King Consequences of Underage Drinking & Driving Northwood University to Ramp Up Security Following Incident DUI Manslaughter Charges in Broward Physician’s Death Palm Beach Criminal Lawyer – Sex Crime in Delray Beach Broward DUI Lawyer on Field Sobriety Tests, Part 2 Palm Beach DUI Lawyer: Stop & Frisk and Field Sobriety Tests Police Brutality Awful Driver Retains License Hollywood Florida Criminal Lawyer Reports on 25 High School Students Arrested Wednesday Traffic Stops and Fruit of the Poisonous Tree Wacky DUI Stories from the Broward This Week Jimmy Ryce Act, Part 2 The Jimmy Ryce Act Explained DUI Hit-And-Run Kills Elderly Grandmother Arsonists Set Pompano Beach Business, Foot Aflame Palm Beach Criminal Lawyer – Supreme Court Limits Definition of ‘Violent Felonies’ Lake Worth Alcohol-Related Accident Kills Passenger, Injures Driver Florida DUI Lawyer on DUI Administrative Penalties Insanity Defense Still Viable? Broward DUI Lawyer: DUI & Immigration Status Sleep Disorder A Defense in A Domestic Violence Case Drawing Blood to Test for DUI Client Confidentiality & Monitored Phone Calls in Broward Jail DUI Checkpoints Increasing for New Year’s in Broward County Boynton Beach Man Attempts to Rob Nail Salon, Stabs Self Following Pursuit Texting While Driving In Broward County Florida Victimless Crimes: Should Prostitution and Drug Use Really Be Crimes? Florida DUI Laws Less Restrictive than Other Countries Christmas Hoax Means Criminal Charges for Miami-Dade Woman Courthouse Closed for Second Time in Less than a Year Dumb Criminals Hippest Breathalyzer? Federal Kidnapping Elderly Fort Lauderdale Hitchhiker Beaten, Robbed The Morning of Release Palm Beach County Jail Should I Just Plea to My Pending DUI Charge in Broward County? Reasons Why You Should Hire a DUI Attorney for Your Arrest New Casey Anthony Twist Does a DUI Arrest Mean Alcoholism? Fort Lauderdale Area Man Arrested After Fleeing with Two Gunshot Wounds DUI Checkpoints in Florida Dunkin’ Donuts Robbers Arrested at Police Checkpoint Near Fort Lauderdale Boating Under the Influence Unlawful Search and Seizure Dunkin’ Donuts Robberies Breath Tests Unfair for Women Punishment of Criminals in Broward County South Florida Cities Have Worst Crime Teen Arrested for DUI Manslaughter in Boynton Beach, Florida Prescription Drugs & Driving Why is the Miranda Warning Important? Palm Beach County High School Teacher Arrested, Accepts Plea Deal for Sex Crimes Arrest Data Scheduled 2010 Murder-Suicide Rocks South Florida Juvenile Justice in Florida Breath Tests in Broward County Called Into Question After Operator Fired Passed Out Marion County Woman Charged with Non-Driving DUI in Parked Car Collier County Judges Cracking Down on DUI Crimes Florida Man Sentenced to 25 Years for DUI Drug Trafficking: Failure to Report for Substantial Assistance Police in Fort Lauderdale Search for Armed Burglar South Florida Lawyer Charged With DUI South Florida Men Found Guilty in Beating Death Fort Lauderdale Shooting Victims Police Arrest Driver in Miami Hit-and-Run One Judges Fight Against Fashion Jaguars Player Arrested at Miami Beach Club Fullwood DNA Nabs Possible Killer Hit-and-Run Driver Turns Self In After Attempting to Make False Report Florida Woman Charged with DUI After Boyfriend’s Death Fort Lauderdale Woman Charged With DUI Florida Man Arrested on Multiple DUI Charges Florida Man Arrested for Workers’ Comp Fraud Lawyer Update – Casey Anthony Palm Beach Criminal Lawyer: Stolen Cars Sold for Scrap Four South Florida Men Charged in Retail Theft and Resale Ring Florida Drivers Charged With DUI Can Also Face Child Neglect Charges Teenage Sex Crime and Alcohol Missing Bikes Lead to Grow House Florida Criminal Defense Attorney: Criminal Defense News North Florida Crime Man with Florida Fake ID Faces DUI Charges Florida Man Accused in Double Murder Gets 10 Years in Jail Three Arrested in Death Threats Against Barack Obama Felony Child Abuse Florida Woman Faces Possible Jail Time for 10th DUI Arrest Florida Mom Named as Person of Interest in Missing Child Case Drivin’ that Train … High on Cocaine… Palm Beach DUI Lawyer: Odor of Alcohol & Speeding Burglary of “Employees Only” Room Burglary: Theft of a Safe with a Gun in It. Florida Women Sentenced to More Than 11 Years in Prison for DUI Florida Man Charged with First-Degree Murder Onstott: “Circumstantial Evidence” Onstott Sentenced to Life David Lee Onstott Found Guilty Two Charged with DUI-Manslaughter in Tampa Suspect in Prostitution Case Arraigned on Domestic Violence Charge Four Titusville Daycare Center Employees Arrested for Drug Trafficking Palm Beach DUI Lawyer: Computer Error in Florida Deletes DUI Conviction Niceville, FL Man Charged with DUI Manslaughter Man Jailed in Florida After Being Mistakenly Freed MADD Volunteers in Florida Launch Traffic Observation Program Police Search for Killer of Federal Agent in South Florida Florida Judge Dismisses Breath Evidence in 19 DUI Cases Palm Beach DUI Lawyer: West Palm Beach Man Sentenced to 5 Years in Prison After Fatal Car Wreck In Florida, Kalvin Pearson Avoids Charges of Domestic Violence Man in Wheelchair Hit with DUI Charge Recent DUI Checkpoints You May Want to Buy Stock in Ignition Interlock Devices Prison Substance Abuse Programs Cable TV in Prison? City of Delray Beach to Petition the Florida Dept. of Transportation for Funds Aimed at Strengthening DUI Enforcement. Mother's Against Drunk Driving Seek to Add to the Already Long List of Minimum Mandatory Sentences for First Time Offenders What You Should Know Before Betting in the Car Vero Beach Man, 22, Expected to Get 10 Years Probation for DUI Manslaughter Charge Jacksonville Man’s Bail set at $550,000.00 for 4th DUI TLC’s Little Star found Not Guilty of DUI Officers Criticism of Defendant's Manner of Parking Following Being Pulled Over Eighteen Year Old Boy Receives 24 Year Sentence for DUI Manslaughter Little People, Big Defense? NYE DUI Arrests in South Florida DUI with a Child in Vehicle Florida Jurors Now Allowed to Question Witnesses Will Florida Follow Suit with Trend in Abolishing the Death Penalty? Rebecca De Mornay Charged with DUI Former O.C. Star Arrested for DUI Miami-Dade Does Not Videotape DUI Investigations The Mosquito Defense County Attorney Plasters Faces of Individuals Convicted for DUI on Billboards and Internet Sites. Officers’ Overemphasis of Behavior to Show Impairment: Exiting the Vehicle. Latin Rapper, Pitbull, is in the Dog House Holiday DUI Task Forces Begin Preparations This Weekend Road Rage Leads to Felony Murder Charge Florida Police Officer Arrested for Driving Drunk in His Patrol Car Defective Breathalyzer for Rourke? Winehouse Arrested? Karate Kid III’ Star Pleads No Contest to D.U.I. DUI Checkpoint Results in Bradenton Do You Know How Many Drinks It Takes to Put You Over the Legal Limit? Britney Facing Contempt Charges? Country Singer Assaults Fan Catch Me If You Can Laws Aimed at Preventing Criminals from Profiting from Crime Story are of Little Effect The Importance of Jury Selection in a DUI Case – Part 3 Florida Inmates Issued Peculiar Playing Cards. The Importance of Jury Selection in a DUI Case – Part 2. The Importance of Jury Selection in a DUI Case – Part 1 Excessive Force by Officer Will Result in Felony for Suspect Vodka and Redbull When a Jail Sentence Equates to a Death Sentence (Continued) When a Jail Sentence Equates to a Death Sentence Sheriff’S Officer Starts Bogus Manhunt In Broward County Tragedy of a DUI Manslaughter for Both Victim and Defendant Toxicology Lab Manager Not Prosecuted For Falsely Certifying Quality Assurance Samples Police Officers and Their Families Exempt From DUIs in Florida Jail Sentence for DUI Equates to Death Sentence Mickey Rourke Arrested for DUI in Florida Gary Collins Arrested for DUI Bill Murray Arrested for DUI Florida DUI Case Results in $50 Million Verdict Florida Attorney General Supports Database to Track Prescription Drugs Designated Driver Urban Myths About DUI Mom, Dad Accused Hours Apart of DUI Diabetes as a Defense to DUI Sleeping It Off is a Bad Idea Driving Under the Influence of Prescription Medication DUIs Are Funny. If Your Name Is Tracy Morgan Automobile Checkpoints: Unconstitutional but Good for Writing Tickets Are Celebrity DUI Sentences Getting Stricter? Orlando Bloom: Latest Celeb Caught in Hit & Run/DUI Scandal? You Won’t See Amy Winehouse Charged with DUI Implied Consent Sentencing Guidelines Use of Tasers on Children Sex Crimes Unit
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William Moore saves the day once again... I can’t thank him enough for helping me get my life back on track...You’ll be glad he’s on your defense team, I guarantee it. Eric Bailey
William is an amazing lawyer on the first day he took my case from a felony to a misdemeanor. He always answered my calls and text messages, never a problem. He was always the one in court not sending someone else, unlike my last lawyer. 10/10 would recommend. If I ever have any other problems, he will be the first person I call. Shane B.