Finally we have reached the end of a year long battle for our firm’s client. The battle has come to a conclusion that we are thrilled with. In the wake of a class action lawsuit against the Broward County Department of Corrections, we have asserted the very real fact that jail sentences would equate to a death sentence for our HIV positive clients in South Florida. The courts have listened. I commend County Court Judge Stacy Ross for rendering a fair decision in choosing not to sentence my client to jail following his violation of probation due to the fact that we presented competent evidence that the Broward County Jail is unable to provide up to the hour care for inmates suffering from HIV.

William Moore

William Moore is a well respected Criminal Defense Lawyer in Broward County, Florida. who has focused his legal career exclusively on criminal defense. Attorney Moore has litigated over 200 criminal jury trials in Broward County of all degrees and severities with great success.In addition to practicing criminal litigation, William Moore regularly lectures on criminal defense tactics in Broward. William Moore has also authored over one thousand works outlining and explaining criminal defense tactics and strategies. Most of William Moore's work is available upon request. William Moore is the founder of the criminal defense firm William Moore Criminal Defense in Fort Lauderdale.