Ask any Fort Lauderdale DUI Lawyer about the endless list of ramifications that follow even an arrest for DUI. They will explain that Fort Lauderdale DUI prosecution is tougher than many other parts of Florida.
In some counties, there is a trend toward a “DUI Awareness Campaign,” whereby individuals arrested for driving under the influence have their names posted in the local paper for all of the community to read. Such postings are done for no regard to the amount of evidence obtained by law enforcement to prosecute said individuals, let alone the outcome of the individual cases. For example, one particular County Sheriff’s Office named 25 individuals arrested for DUI on October 9. Fort Lauderdale DUI Lawyer Information source is curious as to whether that office plans to release the names of individuals on that list who are subsequently acquitted of the charge.
-William Ryan William Moore Criminal Defense, Esq.

William Moore

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