Role of Juvenile Probation Officer

In many cases, the court refers the case to a JPO for recommending the next step. This is called the intake process where the officer will reviews the charging report, and contacts the family of the juvenile for detailed biographical information. According to our Criminal Lawyers in Fort Lauderdale, the JPO is an important part of the the litigation process. 

“This information will include details about the family, information about the child’s activities, performance at school, and other related details. After assessing this information and the charges, the JPO will provide a recommendation and intake report, on resolving the charges, to the court.” –William Moore, Broward County

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Pre-Trial Diversion Programs

If the child is a first-time offender, the charges can be dropped if the child successfully completes the ordered diversion program. These programs have certain sanctions and rules, which may include community service, victim restitution, counseling, and so on.

“If the juvenile does not stick to the rules and sanctions of the diversion program, prosecution is restarted and charges are reinstated.” –William Moore Criminal Defense – Broward Florida criminal lawyers


Juvenile Justice Law, Florida Statutes

Florida Department of Juvenile Justice

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