WR Moore Criminal Defense Interactive Website Goes Live

William Moore Criminal Defense will soon be implementing Real time Interactive Technology to their law firm website. People seeking information by browsing the site will be linked to the law firm partner via computer or tablet. Which professional depends on the particular crime type they are interested in learning about. The association with the applicable law firm partner will determined by the sites AI system within 20 seconds of their logging on.

The William Moore Criminal Defense Interactive Website will provide more ways to communicate with the lawyers handling your defense.

Factors such as search terms it used to find the William Moore website in addition to the browser’s navigation within  the new interactive site will determine what criminal defense  attorney the browser will be linked with.

The linking of potential clients with the most qualified criminal defense lawyer at our firm is done without disruption and leaves individuals visiting our site free to review any of the content contained there in including commentary, criminal defense articles and Florida criminal law lecture videos. The manner of seeking information combined with content pulled will be fed through  link  to either the desktop, laptop or handheld device of the  aforementioned veteran defense lawyer  who will be fed information about the  nature of information sought.

Should the browser wish, he or she may at any time elect to communicate with the veteran defense attorney who had otherwise been behind the scenes and engaged in other law related business.

Existing clients of William Moore Criminal Defense  will easily be able to pay fees and costs online via credit card and/or PayPal. Clients will also have access to their complete online file which can be accessed by secure login  information provided by our office.

Additional features allow the system to remind clients of future scheduled court dates and scheduled case review meetings with counsel by way of text, phone call and/or email.

This new automated system is just one more way that the Criminal Attorneys of William Moore Criminal Defense can more effectively communicate with the clients that they represent.

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William Moore

William Moore is a well respected Criminal Defense Lawyer in Broward County, Florida. who has focused his legal career exclusively on criminal defense. Attorney Moore has litigated over 200 criminal jury trials in Broward County of all degrees and severities with great success.In addition to practicing criminal litigation, William Moore regularly lectures on criminal defense tactics in Broward. William Moore has also authored over one thousand works outlining and explaining criminal defense tactics and strategies. Most of William Moore's work is available upon request. William Moore is the founder of the criminal defense firm William Moore Criminal Defense in Fort Lauderdale.