Another Officer Impersonation Arrest in Broward

Broward County Arrest

CBS Local reports that a former applicant to the Broward Sheriff’s Office has been arrested for impersonating an officer. Tiago Monteiro had formally applied to the Broward Sheriff’s office multiple times over the last few years however was denied employment.

Last week however, Monteiro, nonetheless took it upon himself to pull vehicles over that he felt required warning from law enforcement. Despite being in plainclothes and having no indicators whatsoever on his automobile that he was a law enforcement officer, the former applicant pulled over at least two vehicles.

Once making contact, Montiero, quickly flashed an identification card issued to him by a former telemarketing employer. He additionally held himself out as a Broward Sheriff’s office deputy and issued warnings to the vehicles that he stopped. At least two of the motorists stopped by false officer reported the contact to actual Broward Sheriff’s office deputies.

According to police officers there is the history of mental health issues pertaining to Montiero.

According to criminal defense attorneys, the definition of falsely impersonating an officer falls under Florida Statute 843.08 which states that it is illegal for an individual to falsely pretend to be an officer and takes it upon his or herself to act as a police officer. Penalties are aggravated where an individual impersonates an officer in furtherance of the commission of a felony. The crime is enhanced even further if the impersonation is in furtherance of the commission of a felony which results in death.

All crimes of impersonating a law enforcement officer are of the felony class under Florida criminal law.

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