Man hit by car after attempting to kill ex-wife apprehended

Our Criminal Lawyers in Fort Lauderdale recently reported on a crime occurring in Hollywood Florida whereby a man was hit by a car after stabbing his ex-wife. The Sun Sentinel report today that a suspect has been apprehended and charged with kidnapping, stalking and felony murder. A Broward County magistrate judge ordered Jorge Ruiz held without bond pending the resolution of the case.

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Criminal Lawyers in Fort Lauderdale recently reported on a crime occurring in Hollywood Florida

Ruiz is alleged to have appeared at his ex-wife’s residence, stabbed her repeatedly and then fled on a bicycle. It was during his fleeing the scene of the crime that he was struck by the automobile. The accused and ex-wife were taken to the same hospital whereby the victim to the case positively identified the assailant. Jean Ruiz, the victim had filed for restraining order against her ex-husband following an alleged incident of domestic violence. It is alleged that this restraining order was violated on at least two occasions at the victim’s place of employment.

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