Florida provides protection by way of various restraining orders which can be filed and obtained in less than 24 hours. These filings are referred to as petitions and can be filed without hiring an attorney free of charge in all of the states jurisdictions.

In a recent podcast, criminal defense attorney William R. Moore explains everything that you need to know about Florida restraining orders otherwise known as injunctions. Issues such as available filing jurisdictions, standing requirements and necessary allegations are discussed. Easy-to-follow checklists are also provided so that you, the petitioner, ensures that the correct form and applicable statute are being used in seeking relief.

An in-depth discussion can be found by visiting the page “How to file for a restraining order against domestic violence

Here you will find a clear and concise lecture that explains everything that you need to know about injunctions against domestic violence, repeat violence, sexual violence, stalking violence and cyber stalking.

If you still need help filing for a protective order after reviewing the materials on this page, you may contact attorney William R. Moore directly by visiting his office in Fort Lauderdale Florida, calling 954-523-5333 or emailing.

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