Self Defense a Justification for Committing Battery

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Fort Lauderdale Battery Lawyers explain that there are more components to defending battery cases than one may think.

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Self Defense According to Fort Lauderdale Battery Lawyers

Fort Lauderdale Battery LawyersUsing non-deadly force is a defense to battery charges in criminal cases.

Lesser Offenses

Aggravated battery cases often involve the allegation of great bodily harm. In such cases a defense will often focus on the true extent of the victims injuries.

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Consensual Touchings

Consensual touchings are regulated and restricted by law. Although you may consent to be hugged and kissed, or to a simple fistfight, you cannot consent to a duel or any type of conduct that involves serious injury. In certain situations, the law also mandates that a person consent to touchings the person might not wish to experience. For example, the law states that you must consent to the incidental touching that occurs in normal society, such as someone brushing against your shoulder in a crowded hallway. The law also implies consent from the particular facts in numerous situations. For example, the paramedic who administers emergency mouth-to-mouth resuscitation may not be someone you would choose to kiss. But whether the paramedic is physically attractive or ugly to you, the law will infer (actually, demand) that under the circumstances you consented to the touching.


Fort Lauderdale Battery Lawyers Explain Mental State for Battery

The mental state required for battery may be either an intent to strike another or a reckless act which results in a touching. For example, when you receive an A+ on your first examination in this course, you scream with joy and throw your textbook into the air. The book lands on your classmate’s head and you now have begun, inadvertently, your life of crime. Although your classmate might accept an apology and excuse your exuberance, you have committed a battery at this point because you manifested a reckless disregard for the safety of others by throwing a heavy book in a crowded classroom.

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