William R. Moore Crime Defense Investigators

Private Investigators

Broward County Criminal defense lawyers work closely with private investigators more so than other areas of practice. This is because a criminal lawyer accepting responsibility for defending a client is often the only person who will investigate the facts and circumstances with the defendant’s interest in mind. Exculpatory evidence tending to exonerate a defendant needs to be preserved and protected so that it remains admissible by the defense.

Investigators are Often Called as Witnesses

Criminal defense attorneys must avoid making themselves a witness to the case that they are charged with defending. -William Moore, Criminal Attorney

A defense attorney assigned to a case should never engage in investigatory work on his or her own. Doing so jeopardizes the integrity of the evidence in addition to making the attorney a witness to the case.

Defense retained investigator responsibilities:

  • Interviewing of witnesses and recording of statements
  • Testifying at trial specific to interviews conducted in statements taken
  • Photographing of crime scene and authentication
  • Testifying about observations during investigation
  • Location of witnesses favorable to the defense serving subpoenas
  • Discover and obtain physical evidence that may tend to assist with the defense

Detectives for the Accused

Defense retained investigators are best viewed as a suspect’s police detective. Actual officers investigating a criminal matter are trained to gather evidence that tends to convict a suspect. Little to no effort is aimed at exonerating a person believed to have committed a crime. Exculpatory evidence will only be obtained by a defense team’s private investigator. Their importance can’t be understated.

Skilled Criminal Investigators on the Defense Team Can Make a Case

Having a good team of investigators is a necessity when it comes to defending against criminal allegations. We have worked with the same group of highly skilled investigators for the last 20 years. They are like family.

–William Moore