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Prosecutorial Weaknesses in Sex Cases

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As a former Broward County prosecutor; Sex Crime Defense Attorney Jim Weick relies on his experience to offer an insider’s assessment on the criminal justice system.

As a former chief special unit prosecutor, attorney Florida Sex Attorney Jim Weick understands strategical requirements in defending major first degree felonies. Many crimes such as sexual battery, complex fraud and drug trafficking offenses require a highly experienced attorney proficient in litigating such challenging areas of criminal defense. Discover just how much Weick knows about combatting the prosecution’s strategy in seeking convictions.

Florida Sex Attorney on Sexual Assault:

Sexual assault refers to many separate criminal acts, and is generally defined as the use of force or threats in order to get another to commit a sexual act.

Sexual assault offenses include:

A sexual assault charge can be increased to aggravated sexual assault in cases where the victim feared death or serious bodily injury, or in cases where the alleged attacker utilized a deadly weapon. Such charges can become even more serious if the assault was directed towards a child. If you are facing charges of sexual assault and are in need of legal representation, a Fort Lauderdale sex crime defense lawyer is available to provide you with comprehensive legal service in your case. A skilled lawyer will be able to utilize their knowledge and experience of such matters to increase the likelihood of a successful resolution in which your charges are lessened or dismissed outright.

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