On November 8, 2007, Mickey Rourke was arrested for driving under the influence in Florida.
Rourke was arrested while operating a Vespa motor scooter with a woman on the back between the hours of 4 and 5 a.m. Rourke was stopped for allegedly doing a U-turn in front of a police officer forcing him to activate his brakes. Rourke allegedly failed roadside sobriety exercises and exceeded Florida’s blood alcohol limit by only .001. How ridiculous. If Rourke pleads either guilty or no contest to this charge, I am going to be amazed. Why these celebrities are not fighting these DUI’s is beyond me. Even without seeing the police report, or DUI video, if one exists in this case, I’m confident that the case is absolutely defendable due to the low blood alcohol evidence obtained by the Intoxilyzer.