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The Wake Forest University School of Medicine has conducted significant research on the effects of one’s normal faculties and mental state that mixing energy drinks (such as Redbull) with alcohol can have. The findings of the University show that the combination of an energy drink with alcohol doubles certain risks in contrast to where just alcohol would be consumed absent the energy drink. Included in the risks is “being in a vehicle whereby the driver is intoxicated.” It is unclear at this time as to whether any research was conducted as to the risk being increased for an individual consuming alcoholic beverages mixed with an energy drink as it pertains to actually driving under the influence. The study further revealed that one’s awareness of the symptoms of being intoxicated is less apparent. In other words, people are unable to tell if they are inebriated or if their normal faculties are impaired. Alcohol and energy drinks work against each other as an energy drink is a stimulant and alcohol a depressant. Drinking the two together does not effect the level of intoxication yet prohibits people from realizing the amount of alcoholic beverages that they have consumed. In essence, the blood alcohol level remains the same, however, the feeling of being drunk is masked, at least mentally, by the caffeine in the energy drink. It is no surprise that people combining alcoholic drinks with energy drinks tend to stay out longer and drink more. The mixing of caffeine with liquor has grown tremendously in the last two years and continues to be on the rise.