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In the movie, “Catch Me If You Can,” Leonardo DiCaprio played the character of a real-life teenager running rampant throughout the world writing bad checks. In walks South Florida’s own Robert Charles Jones “Chas” Brady, age 26. Broward prosecutors say Robert Brady conned his way through Republican circles by boasting of a Harvard law education and manufactured connections. Robert Brady has been charged with grand theft, forgery, and practicing law without a license, and faces 95 years in the Florida prison system. His defense attorney claims that people mistook his being a lawyer based on no fault of his client. The facts surrounding the case show that Robert Brady was, in fact, a Harvard undergraduate and that he worked for the law firm of a former Republican from Lighthouse Point, Florida.
Witnesses involved in the case claim that Robert Brady actually knew more about land use law than more seasoned attorneys that they have known for years.
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