Four Titusville Daycare Center Employees Arrested for Drug Trafficking

Titusville police arrested four people last Friday after a six-month long investigation into the sale of drugs and counterfeit goods. The four people worked at a small daycare center for children at 3620 Heider Road in Titusville, where they stored the drugs. Police say the center is licensed.
Fifteen grams of the painkiller Lortab, two handguns, and ammunition were taken from the daycare center. Police also found and seized counterfeit goods including fake Nike shoes and Prada and Coach purses from Fresh Fashions at 600 South Street. Their total value equals tens of thousands of dollars.
Antonio R. Curry, 22, of Mims, faces charges of trafficking Ecstasy and cocaine. Andreal Y. Curry, 27, of Titusville, faces charges of trafficking in Esctasy, trafficking in cocaine, possession of cocaine, sale of Ecstasy, and possession of Ecstasy. Rashuan D. Fluellen, 27, of Titusville, faces charges of selling counterfeit goods and violating probation. Juanita Isiah, 37, of Titusville, faces a charge of trafficking in a controlled substance.
Undercover police purchased illegal goods, half a kilogram of cocaine, and 50 grams of Ecstasy during the investigation.
Police find drugs at Titusville day care,, August 16, 2008

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