Florida Woman Faces Possible Jail Time for 10th DUI Arrest

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A Florida woman was recently jailed for her tenth drunk driving offense over the past two decades. She has been arrested several times for driving with a revoked or suspending license, and local police are calling it a new record.
Her federal records are vague about whether all the arrests led to convictions. Records from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement list another drunk driving arrest in October of 2002; however, the charge was later reduced.
Janet Landrum, 41, told police that she was driving because her passenger, a man she’d just met at a bar, was too drunk to get behind the wheel. A Manatee traffic enforcement officer pulled her over because she was reportedly weaving, needlessly tapping her breaks, and making erratic lane changes around 2am on Saturday morning.
A Florida DUI attorney told the Ledger that Landrum could face up to five years in prison, since anything more than three prior convictions may lead to a prison sentence. Actually, Florida law considers the first or second DUI offense a misdemeanor, but drunk driving is considered a felony when a third conviction occurs within a decade of the second offense.
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