Four South Florida Men Charged in Retail Theft and Resale Ring

Last week the Fort Lauderdale Herald reported that the United State Attorney’s office unsealed an indictment returned by a Fort Lauderdale federal grand jury charging several people in a large-scale conspiracy.
Four South Florida men and three people from North Carolina were charged for their involvement in this multi-million dollar retail operation, which include the interstate transportation of merchandise from Target, CVS, and other retailers. The products were transported to a warehouse in South Florida, where they were repackaged and resold, generating about $7.9 million.
The defense attorney for one the accused claims his client believed the goods were discontinued or damaged and had no knowledge that they were stolen. The FBI estimates that this case is part of a larger trend in retail theft, making up roughly $30 billion in retail losses annually.
Drug store thefts a billion-dollar business, Fort Lauderdale Herald, August 27, 2008

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