Police Arrest Driver in Miami Hit-and-Run

MIAMI, FLORIDA – Fort Lauderdale police have arrested a man who is suspected of killing a father of four in a hit-and-run accident. The accident occurred on Saturday night near the Fort Lauderdale home of Kamar Jackson, 29, whose car was crushed by a speeding SUV, killing Jackson on impact.
The following day, Jackson’s family made a plea for the killer to come forward. Police say that when’s the suspect, Carlos Rodriguez, told them his SUV had been carjacked. He claimed that the gash on his forehead was the result of a beating. Police told Rodriguez’s SUV fifteen blocks from the site of the hit-and-run. The vehicle had a crushed front-end, shredded tires, and a shattered windshield.
Police said the suspect’s story seemed implausible. During questioning, he admitted that he’d gone to a Fort Lauderdale strip club on Saturday night and driven drunk. He is now in custody of the Fort Lauderdale police.
Police Arrest Driver In Deadly Hit-And-Run, Local10.com, September 15, 2008

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