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Former County Commissioner on Her Life in Jail

Former Broward County Commissioner Mary McCarty was sentenced by a federal judge in Broward to 42 months in prison last week. She reportedly cried during her sentencing hearing and accepted full responsibility for her actions. “My carelessness and irresponsibility have humiliated and humbled me. I never thought of myself as a criminal, but I am,” McCarty told the court.
McCarty, who is 54, was taken into custody immediately and is currently being held at the Broward County Stockade. She is expected to be transferred to Fort Lauderdale in the coming weeks. Currently, McCarty is in solitary confinement at the jail, which may be for her own protection, according to Fort Lauderdale criminal attorney William Moore.
The former commissioner pleaded guilty to conspiring to commit mail fraud, Fort Lauderdale criminal lawyer Moore has learned. In her official capacity, she committed white collar crimes to obtain money for herself and her husband. She accepted money in the form of graft and bribes from businesses and individuals. McCarty also engaged in fraudulent transactions involving local bonds.
According to her plea agreement, McCarty admitted that she did not inform the County Commission of her financial conflicts of interest regarding various matters. Instead, she participated fully, and apparently sought results which were financially beneficial to her. In her required financial disclosures, McCarty filed false or incomplete forms in an effort to hide her financial interests in the matters before the Commission.
McCarty’s husband, Lawrence McCarty, was sentenced to eight months in jail and ordered to pay a fine of $5,000 for his role in the crimes committed by Mary McCarty.
From the stockade, Mary McCarty is still emailing her supporters, through her sister. She reported that the guards are “professional but kind” and that it is “very cold” in her “frozen cell.” McCarty also lamented that she is missing her 29th wedding anniversary with her husband. She also described the food as particularly bad, noting that she has been losing weight since she was taken into custody, and that she spends her one hour outside of her cell every day making collect phone calls to her family members.

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