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Criminal Attorney on Theft Crimes

As criminal defense attorneys we deal with defending theft crimes on a regular basis. More often than not, we are asked to explain statutes pertaining to the knowing acceptance of property that is known to be stolen. Receipt of Stolen Property Stolen property includes property acquired by larceny, embezzlement, false pretenses, or any other form of theft recognized by the particular jurisdiction. Receipt of stolen property may be by actual or constructive possession because a defendant who exercises control over the property has received it, even if the defendant never physically touches the property. For example, a “fence” instructs the thief to deliver the property directly to a customer who will pay the fence for the property. The fence, while never touching or even seeing the stolen property, has controlled (constructively possessed) it by arranging for its sale. On the other hand, a person may come in contact with stolen property but not control or receive it.